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Getting Started

  1. Download the Mobile App
  2. Submit a Form
  3. Review Your Data on the Portal
  4. Connect a Data Destination
  5. Dispatch Forms to a User
  6. Upload your Logo
  7. Customize a Data Source
  8. Build a Custom Form
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Completing and submitting mobile forms from a smartphone or tablet is easy and intuitive.  Users can collect rich data like signatures, images and barcodes, and embed these in forms.  

A number of sample forms related to your industry will automatically be available in your Forms screen. 

  • You can use these forms as-is, or make edits to them.
  • You can import different pre-made forms from our forms library.
  • You can build your own custom forms.
  • You can have us build custom forms for you.


Watch the video below to see how to submit a form with the mobile app.

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Reconcile (Send/Receive) in the AT&T Mobile Forms app before filling out forms.  This ensures you have the most recent data available.


The Reconcile button can be found:

  • At the bottom left of the Home screen on iOS devices

  • In the ProntoForms menu (accessed through the Android Menu button) on Android devices

  • At the bottom of every screen on Blackberry 10 devices

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Fill Out a Form


  • Go to the Forms tab. 
  • All available forms will be listed.
  • Tap on the form you want to fill out.
  • The form will be opened.


  • Tap on the white field below the question text to answer the question.
  • Some questions will restrict what kind of answers you can provide
  • "Required" questions must be answered before you can go to the next page.
  • "Read-Only" questions are typically pre-filled and you cannot edit the answer.
  • Navigation between pages is by touch and swipe.
  • Swipe left to go to the next page.
  • Swipe right to go to the previous page.

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Submit the Form


  • A "Send" button will appear on the final page of the form.
  • Tap this button to submit the form.
  • Once you submit a data record, no changes can be made to it.


  • The app will reconcile after you submit the form.
  • When the form has been uploaded to the web portal, a notification will appear on your screen.

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View Sent Forms


  • The form will move from your Outbox to your Sent box.
  • Enter the Sent tab to view submitted forms.
    • Note: The Sent box can be hidden for users on your team.
  • The Sent box shows the processing status for each form, as well as the date and time submitted.


  • Tap on the form to reveal download options.
  • Select a file format to view your form in.
  • The document will be opened on your device.
  • The appearance of this document can be customized in the web portal



Note: In addition to being able to view your submitted forms in your Sent box, you will also receive an email with a PDF of your submitted data. 

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