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Getting Started

  1. Download the Mobile App
  2. Submit a Form
  3. Review Your Data on the Portal
  4. Connect a Data Destination
  5. Dispatch Forms to a User
  6. Upload your Logo
  7. Customize a Data Source
  8. Build a Custom Form
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Easily add your logo to the mobile app, the web portal, and PDF documents.  Read here for more details about custom branding.

Watch the video below to learn how to upload your logo.



Upload your Logo

  1. In the web portal, mouse over your username in the top right corner.  Select "Team Settings." You must be logged in as an admin to access these settings.


  2. Enter the custom branding tab.  Mouse over Actions and select "Configure Custom Branding."


  3. Check the box next to the client or location you would like to add your logo to. 


  4. Upload your logo file.  The recommended logo size depends on what location you want it shown in. 


  5. Press the "Update" button.


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