Setup an API Application on ProntoForms



Before you can connect your application to the API, you must first create an API Key.  This will provide the credentials you need to connect.

IMPORTANT:  Please note the following regarding API applications in ProntoForms:

  • To create an API Key, you must be logged in as an Admin.  
  • An API application has privileged access to your data and user accounts in ProntoForms, similar to the access of an Admin user.   
  • The API Key may not be used to login to the ProntoForms web administration portal.
  • The API application does not consume a user license in ProntoForms.

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Create an API Key

  • Access the Create API key page from the top navigation bar of the portal.
  • In the Create API key page, enter a Name and Description (optional) for the application, and click Create.
  • Displayed on the resulting page are the API Key ID (username) and API Key Secret (password) for the API Key you just created:  
  • Use these as the credentials to connect to the API.  On this page you will also see the number of API calls made and the date and time of the last API call by this application.

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