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General Information on the API



  • stephen Grant

    Does the API only provide access to "backend" processes, or can we use it to add extensions to the "frontend" (the client app)? In particular, I have a potential application wherein we want to gather user-specified data from a bluetooth or NFC connection. That is, the end user has some custom gear that generates data; we want to capture that data through a BT or NFC call. (similar to what prontoforms can do if I've sourced my GPS information from an external GPSr rather than the internal Blackberry GPS.


    We can program the external device to send BT or NFC in a defined format to the smartphone; can we also program the Prontoforms client to look for that external device and accept the data in a defined format?

  • GlennMC

    The ProntoForms API only provides access to "backend" or server processes, as you describe. We don't have an API for the mobile apps.


  • Swami Chandrasekaran

    I see in the API's there is a concept of a User entity. Say I were to use Prontoforms in a public cloud situation, and if the customer type happens to be an enterprise / SMB.

    • Where and how do I specify the enterprise name and associated details?
    • I see in the createUser API, there is an optional <groupIds> element. How do I create a group? I don't see a published API
  • Mengxi Liao

    Dose the api allows users programmatically modify the forms. We have several forms that use multiselect box that share one email list and the list may change very often. But multiselect does not support datasource. Is there any way using api the get around this (or other suggestions)?

  • GlennMC

    Hi Mengxi,

    We will be adding support for the use of data sources with multi-select questions in an upcoming release.  We don't have an exact date yet, but we expect it will be available in the next 2 or 3 months.




  • Joseph Holt

    Will ProntoForms multi-select questions allow individual API push per answer for each dropped down selector?


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