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Data Record Expression Language (DREL)



  • Patrique Paquette

    Can DREL reference documents being generated by the form? 


    I.E. I'd like to use a file upload destination, and want to build a handlebars document to customize html body sent to the destination.  This is being added as one of the HTTP upload's "additional POST Paramaters" so it has to be DREL

  • Erin Longhurst

    Hi Jordan,

    To clarify, are you looking to reference the phone number in their ProntoForms user profile?

    Currently, we do not support pulling the user's phone number with %u, unfortunately. If this is being used in a form, you could export your user list into CSV (Users & Groups > Users > List Users, and select "Export Users to CSV") and use that as a data source to populate answers.

    Please let me know if you have further questions.

    - Erin Longhurst

  • Jordan White

    Is there an expression for a Users phone number?

  • Huberto Garza

    What is the DREL expression to access location metadata?


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