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If you're new to AT&T Mobile Forms and are looking for an overview of how to get your solution up and running, then this guide is for you.  A number of key steps are covered to get you well on your way to going live with your mobile forms.   


 How AT&T Mobile Forms works

Collect business data in the field

Use the Mobile Forms mobile app to fill out forms on a smartphone or tablet.  Digital forms can:

  • Collect GPS locations and date/time stamps

  • Take photos, and sketch/annotate on top of them

  • Reduce data entry: auto-populate fields like customer information

  • Scan barcodes and store the values

  • Provide dynamic dropdown lists

Read about the different questions you'll discover in your forms.


Connect AT&T Mobile Forms to other systems

With over 25 connection options, it’s easy to link mobile forms to the services you already use for automatic backup, storage, and sharing.  See more of our connection options.

Manage forms and users, access submitted data, and set up additional connections in the web portal.





Does AT&T Mobile Forms work offline?

Definitely.  When working offline in the field, submitted forms are safely stored in the app.  Any date/time and GPS stamps collected are also stored.  Saved forms send, and notifications and connections execute, once you're back online.


What devices can my team use AT&T Mobile Forms on? Can they use their own?

Yes.  Use a BYOD policy with your team to keep your costs down. Let your team use the smartphone or tablet they are already comfortable using.   AT&T Mobile Forms works on every major mobile device platform.


Can I build my own forms? 

Absolutely.  Your account comes equipped with forms from your industry, but you can build your own or download an existing form from the AT&T Mobile Forms Forms Library

If you have a Standard AT&T Mobile Forms account, you have access to five active forms.  To add new forms, archive one of the forms you already have

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