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Your AT&T Mobile Forms account is called a team.  As the team administrator, you control all the forms, connections and users on your team.  Other users on your team can submit forms with the mobile app, or you can upgrade them to administrator permissions to help build and manage forms. Activate Users

Each user on your team will receive an SMS message at the AT&T phone number the mobile forms service has been added to.  Instruct them to follow the link in the SMS to activate their accounts.

Users choose an email address and password.  They are given "user" permissions, which means they are only able to submit forms with the mobile app and view their form submissions in the web portal.  Once set up, they can begin using your forms right away. and Add Users

If a user does not receive the activation SMS, you can assist them in setting their username and password. You can also change their role to give them additional permissions. 

User roles:

  • Admin: Can use the app to submit forms, and can use the web portal to manage forms.
  • User: Can use the app to submit forms, and can view their form submissions on the web portal.
  • Mobile-Only: Can submit forms from the mobile app. 


Update a user:

  1. In the web portal, under the Users tab, select List Users.
  2. Select the desired user.
  3. Under the dropdown next to the user's name, select "Update."
  4. Fill all required sections denoted with a red asterisk (*).
  5. Click Update to save changes.


Add a user:

  1. In the web portal, under the Users tab, select Create User.
  2. Fill all required sections denoted with a red asterisk (*).
  3. Under the Billing tab, select the license that will be used to pay for the user. 
    • Note: If you do not have an available licence, one must be purchased before any new users are added.
  4. Click Create to save changes.

Read more about managing users. the mobile app

Since forms are submitted using the AT&T Mobile Forms app, direct your users to download the app on their mobile device. The app is available for all major mobile platforms. 

To download the app, search for "AT&T Mobile Forms" (or "Mobile Forms for Business" on Apple devices) in your app store, or click the link below.

iOS App Store Google Play Store Blackberry World  Windows App Store Windows Phone Store
appstoreicon.png 2015_06_02_16_47_16_ProntoForms_Support_Edit_Article.png bbworld.jpg Screenshot_2015-03-06_14.44.50.png Windows_Phone_Store.png

Read step-by-step instructions on downloading the mobile application.

Step_4.jpg Upload your logo

Upload a company logo to your account.  It will replace the AT&T Mobile Forms logo with your logo in the mobile app, the web portal, and on completed forms.  This makes it easy to produce professional, branded customer-facing documents.

To upload your logo:

  1. In the web portal, click on your username in the top right corner.
  2. Select Team Settings.
  3. Enter the Custom Branding tab and follow these directions to upload your logo.




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