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Send your mobile forms data to the right people, the right systems, at the right time.  Connect AT&T Mobile Forms to the systems and services you already use.  Two-way integration with a number of cloud services allows you to maintain all your data in the service of your choice.  

When you set up your account, you had a few options of systems to connect to.

Send your data anywhere. 

  • Email branded PDF copies of forms to customers
  • Send data to cloud storage services for backup
  • Generate notifications via SMS and more
  • Connect to back-office systems
  • Store and send your data in any format 

 Send automatic notifications to customers or staff

Enable instant reporting and real-time visibility of field performance.  

When a form is submitted, you can instantly: 

  • Email completed reports to office staff
  • Send invoices to a customer email address collected in a form
  • Notify a field service manager to critical issues in the field by SMS 

Email notifications are already configured by default.


 Manage your data from the business system of your choice

When you set up your account, you chose a system to automatically connect to, but more connections are available. 

A. Populate parts, price, and customer lists with your data

Your existing data (parts, prices, customers, and more) can populate lists in mobile forms that users can pick from.  Reduce the amount of data entry users need to do by auto-filling fields based on previous answers.  Read more about Data Sources.

B. Route submitted forms to other systems

When a form is submitted, the data can instantly be routed to any of the cloud or enterprise services AT&T Mobile Forms integrates with.  "Data Destinations" make it easy to instantly back up and store your data in the service of your choice. Read more about Data Destinations. 


 Choose a format to send and store your data in

Submitted forms routed through data destinations can be sent in a variety of formats. 

  • Customer-facing documents (PDF/Word/HTML)

  • Calendar invites (iCal) and business cards

  • Back office integration (CSV/JSON/XML)



Integration options

Cloud Storage

Connect mobile forms to other services for automatic storage and backup of data.  We offer two-way integration with many cloud services -- so you can maintain all your mobile forms data in one place.



Automatically email customers or the office with completed invoices or work orders -- or notify field service managers to critical issues in the field by SMS.



Business and CRM Tools

Sync data from submitted forms to business and CRM tools.  Create or update leads, contacts, and customer support cases right from our mobile app, and make this data available to everyone who needs it.


Backend Integration

We offer highly-configurable integration with your back-office systems.


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