Manage your form data with Quickbooks Online

If you choose to connect your forms to QuickBooks Online, your mobile forms data can be managed entirely from your QuickBooks Online account.

Read more about setting up two-way integration with QuickBooks.  


Update Mobile Form Lists

The lists in your mobile forms can come from data sources.  Once a data source is set up, you can add or update Employee, Customer, Sellable, Purchasable, and Vendor data from within QuickBooks Online. 

Update  Employees, Vendors or Customers:

  1. Select Employees, Vendors or Customers from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.


  2. To add an entry, select New [customer, employee, or vendor]. To edit, select an existing entry.

  3. Fill out all required information, and select Save.  

  4. The AT&T Mobile Forms app will update on the next scheduled fetch, usually an hour. Refresh the mobile app to download the new data. 


Update Purchasable or Sellable Items

  1. Click on your company username and select Products and Services under the Lists header.


  2. To Add, select New, and choose whether to add a new product or service. To edit, choose an existing entry.

  3. Fill in all required information. When done, click Save and close

  4. The AT&T Mobile app will update on the next scheduled fetch. Refresh the mobile app to download the new data. 

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Access Submitted Forms

When forms are submitted using AT&T Mobile Forms, they are sent to QuickBooks Online and stored under the referenced customer, employee or vendor. 

View an invoice or estimate:

Invoices and estimates are viewable in the relevant customer's transaction list. 

  1. In QuickBooks Online, select Customers


  2. Select a customer, and select the submission you would like to view.


To view a time activity:

Time activities are stored under the employee the time activity was recorded for. 

  1. In QuickBooks Online, select Employees


  2. Choose an employee, and under the Action menu select Run Report


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Update your connection when you change your QuickBooks Online password

When you change your QuickBooks Online password, update your connection to mobile forms in the web portal. If you do not, you will receive error messages when attempting to fetch or send data to QuickBooks.

  1. In the web portal, hover over Manage Forms and select Connections


  2. Select the QuickBooks Online connection.


  3.   Hover over the connection name and select Update.


  4. Under the Connection header, click Clear and then Connect. 



  5. In the popup window, enter your QuickBooks Online login credentials, and select Authorize.

  6. Click Update to save. 

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