Manage your form data with Google Drive


If you choose to connect your forms to Google, your mobile forms data can be managed entirely from your Google Drive account.

Read more about setting up two-way integration with Google.  


Update Lists in Forms 

The lists in your mobile forms can come from data sources.  Once a Google Sheets data source is set up, you can add or update any business data -- customers, employees, parts, prices, locations, and more -- right from Google Drive.

  1. Find the Sheet containing the list you want to update in your Google Drive. 


  2. Open the spreadsheet and input the new data.  Google Sheets will save changes automatically.  

    Note: Do not change the header row (Row 1, shown in green below). 


  3. Your mobile forms will update with the new information on the next scheduled fetch. Refresh the mobile app to download the new data.

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View Submitted Forms 

Once forms are submitted, they can sent to your Google account through data destinations. Access form submissions as you would any other document in Google Drive.  They can be created as PDF's or Google Sheets.

Read about customizing how forms are sorted in Google Drive.




Update your connection when you change your Google password

When you change your Google password, update your connection to mobile forms in the web portal. If you do not, you will receive error messages when attempting to fetch or send data to Google.

  1. In the web portal, hover over Manage Forms and select Connections


  2. Select the Google connection.


  3. Under the Connection header, click Clear and then Connect. 



  4. In the popup window, enter your Drive login credentials, and select Authorize.

  5. Click Update to save.

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