Repeatable Sections Overview


Note: This is a limited-release feature. It can currently be added to your forms by our Professional Services team. Please contact your ProntoForms account manager for more information.


ProntoForms has created a new way of grouping and displaying your information. Pages are now structured in sections, or logical groups of questions. Sections can also be repeatable, allowing you to add multiple entries for the same group of questions. 

Structured Sections

Sections are logical groups of questions which a user can collapse or expand. Expanded sections are indicated by doubled downwards-pointing arrow icons  on the far right side of the screen.

An expanded section appears as shown below:

To collapse a section, tap the  icon on the far right. This will hide the section without erasing any of your answers, making it easier to fill other sections without scrolling.

A collapsed section appears as shown below:

To expand a collapsed section, tap the  icon on the far right side of the screen. 

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Repeatable Sections

Repeatable sections allow multiple entries in answer to one question, or multiple answers to a section of questions.  For example, a work order may have multiple questions, such as part number, quantity, and price. With repeatable sections, these questions can be answered multiple times and displayed neatly in a summary table. This reduces the need for multiple pages in a form, and makes entering information much faster.

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Filling Repeatable Sections

Repeatable sections are identified by the summary table format and the Add Entry button: 2016-02-12-RepeatAddEntry15px.png

To add an entry:

  1. Tap on the Add Entry button.

  2. This will bring up a new screen. When you have answered all the required questions, tap Done on the top right. This will take you back to the summary table view.

  3.  Repeat steps 1 and 2 until all necessary information has been entered into the summary table.

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Deleting an Answer in a Repeatable Section

Deleting an answer is quick and simple:


  1. Find the answer you want to delete and swipe in from the right-hand side of your device's screen.

  2. Tap "Delete." The selected answer will disappear from the summary table.


Single-Row Deletion


  1. Open the row you want to delete from the summary table.
  2. Select the three dot menu at the top right of the screen and select Delete.

Multiple Row Deletion

  1. Select View All to open the summary table.
  2. Tap on the Multiselect icon from the top right of the device screen.
  3. Select which rows you want to delete and tap the garbage can icon.


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Summary Table Navigation

The summary table is a grid that displays all the information you have entered in response to a repeatable section. It can be displayed as an in-line part of the form or as a full-screen view. Either view allows drag-and-drop reorganization of entries. 

To open a summary table as a full screen, select 'View All' in the foot of the summary table:


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Reorganizing Summary Tables

The information in summary tables can be reorganized by dragging and dropping entries.

  1. Tap and hold the entry you want to move until it is highlighted.

  2. Drag the entry to the desired location.

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Responsive Display

The summary table responds based on the orientation of your device. Based on how the form is set up, it may display more repeatable section columns in landscape or full screen views, and then reduce the displayed columns when in portrait or in-line views. 

If you cannot see necessary information in portrait or in-line views, try landscape or full screen views.

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