ProntoForms iOS Client Settings


Access the Settings Screen

ProntoForms Settings can be accessed with the Gear Icon in the bottom right of the home screen. 



ProntoForms Account

User ID & Password

These are saved so that the user does not need to log in every time the app is opened.  From this screen, the password can be edited, but the username is read-only.  If the user name shown is incorrect, perform a reset to clear this field.

Account Details

This page lists information about the team the user is on and user information (data records submitted, timezone, etc).  The Change Password option is also listed here.  If a user changes their password, this change affects logging into both the web portal (if the user has access) and the mobile app.

Log Out

Logs the current user out. This option should be used with caution; it erases all settings and user and form data from the device.  Erased data is not recoverable. Please ensure you have no Drafts or forms pending submission before selecting this option.

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Support and Feedback

Contact Support

Support information is listed here - tap on the email address, phone number or URL to launch an email, phone call or web browser.  Note: By default, this is the contact information for ProntoForms Support, but this may be customized by an administrator. 

Feedback and Support

Selecting this will take the user from a couple of prompts, asking them to rate ProntoForms, provide suggestions, or provide other feedback through


Application Settings  

Photo Quality

This setting allows users to manually change the quality of the photos attached to forms and sent to the ProntoForms server. Setting a higher image quality can affect a number of things:  increased data record size, increased data record processing times (which can cause an increase in failed data submissions), and increased cellular data usage on the mobile device (with associated charges from your cellular carrier).  In most cases, the Small resolution is a perfectly acceptable quality and will minimize the negative effects of working with an image-heavy form.

  • Small: Resizes images from the camera so that the long edge of the image will be a maximum of 640 pixels long. Recommended for users who submit very image-heavy forms. 
  • Medium (Default): Resizes images from the camera so that the long edge of the image will be a maximum of 1024 pixels long.  
  • Original:  Images will be attached in full camera quality, without alteration.  These images will be very large, may be slow to upload and will take the most bandwidth.  Avoid this setting if the forms you will be completing can contain many images; fine for forms that use one or two images.  
  • Custom Maximum Size: Resize photos from the camera so the length of the longest edge will be at most the value specified.

Adjust the Compresssion slider; a higher rate of compression will result in smaller file sizes and lower quality photos.  If using high compression, it is advisable to choose a smaller resolution for your photos as well.

Note:  Image quality settings can also be set on a question-by-question basis for each form (this is controlled by an administrator).  Any settings on the form will override device settings. 

Barcode Settings

This setting allows users to choose either the front- or rear-facing camera of the device to be the default.

Note: This is especially useful when using barcodes on a wall-mounted device. 

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Advanced Settings

Passcode Lock

Enhance the security of the ProntoForms app by configuring a Passcode Lock. With this setting enabled, when the ProntoForms app is accessed on a mobile device (whether the app is freshly started, or the already-open app is accessed after the screen has powered off), the user will be prompted for a passcode to unlock ProntoForms.  This must be entered correctly before the user can continue using ProntoForms, ensuring that no there is no unauthorized use of the app or access to sensitive information.

To enable a passcode lock: 

  1. Once in the settings screen, select Advanced Settings
  2. Select Passcode Lock under the Other Settings header. 
  3. Select Turn Passcode On.  You will be prompted to set a four-digit numeric passcode. 

 settings_advanced.png  Turn_Passcode_On.png  Enter_a_Passcode.png


The other passcode options are:

  • Disable the passcode lock: Under Passcode Lock, select Turn Passcode Off Correct entry of the current passcode is required.
  • To change the passcode: Under Passcode Lock select Change Passcode.  Correct entry of the current passcode is required.
  • Erase Data for extra security: Under Passcode Lock, select Erase Data. This will clear all content in the ProntoForms app after 10 failed passcode entry attempts; form definitions, the inbox, outbox and drafts will be wiped, settings will be reset and the user will be logged out.  If the phone is wiped, it cannot be un-wiped.

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Confirm Send

With this setting enabled, a notification will pop up when the user attempts to submit a form, asking them to confirm they would like to submit. 

Confirm Receive

With this setting enabled, a notification will pop up when the server receives a form the mobile user has submitted.

Confirm Discard

With this setting enabled, a notification will pop up when the user attempts to discard an open form, warning that all unsubmitted data will be lost if the form is discarded.  It is advisable to leave this option enabled to avoid accidentally discarding important data. 

Confirm Clear

With this setting enabled, a notification will pop up when the user attempts to clear a text area. This prevents users from accidentally deleting long answers. 

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Use Ditto

The Ditto feature allows users to pre-populate answers for entire forms with data entered from the last recently submitted copy of the same form.  This can save time in instances where large amounts of data are repeated in multiple form submissions, but is most useful during the testing phase of a form, rather than for submissions of real data.

  • The Ditto feature must be turned on before submitting a form with data that should be saved to pre-fill subsequent forms
  • Fields pre-filled by the Ditto feature can be edited before the form is submitted.
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Send Forms to Support

This option will only appear if the user has a form in their outbox.  In the event that a submitted form will not send to the ProntoForms server and is "stuck" in the Outbox, ProntoForms Support will request that users send the form manually through this option, which will launch an email to Support with the file.

Send Drafts to Support 

This option will only appear if the user has a form in their drafts folder. In the event that an incomplete form will not open and is "stuck" in the drafts folder, ProntoForms Support will request that users send them the form manually through this option, which will launch an email to Support with the file. 

Send Logs to Support and Log Level

These options are solely for troubleshooting purposes.  Users will only need to use them if directed to by ProntoForms Support.


To assist users in discovering navigation gestures, graphical hint overlays have been added at key points in the use of the app (primarily in-form navigation and use of the Sketch pad control). These hints are usually only shown to the user once, but they can be reset and displayed again. To show the above hints whenever a form is launched, turn on "Show Hints".  To show hints just for the next use, tap "Reset Hints."  When a general ProntoForms Reset is performed, the hints will also be shown again the next time a form is launched.


Reset Forms

This option re-downloads form definitions and data sources but does not log the user out.  Draft forms and dispatched forms will not be affected.  

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About ProntoForms


Displays version and build information for the ProntoForms client.  It is advisable to always be running the most recent version of ProntoForms.

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