Check your Mobile Device's Connection



  • No forms visible on the device

  • New forms or data sources will not download to the device

  • Reconcile times out or does not complete

  • Submitted forms stay in Outbox

Error message

  • "No Form Definitions Downloaded"

  • "Unable to Connect to Server"

Possible Cause


No Connection to ProntoForms servers -- no cellular or wireless connection present on device.  

Steps to Resolve

A Reconcile will not complete if you do not have an adequate cellular data or wireless connection.  

You can check your connection by doing the following: 

    • Navigate to the web browser application on the device.

    • Attempt to load a website that has never been accessed before. (i.e.:

    • If the webpage does not load, the issue is not with ProntoForms. ProntoForms will only reconcile when a working data connection is present. Attempt to resolve your connectivity issue before continuing to troubleshoot ProntoForms.  

Check your data and wireless configuration in your device's settings.  

Ensure that:

    •  Airplane Mode is Off. 
    •  Cellular Data (or Data Network on Android) is On.

If you have a solid cellular network connection, but your device is accessing a wireless network that may not be as strong (or may have gateway access), turn off your wireless.  Most mobile devices will choose to access a wireless network if available, even if it is weak, to minimize your data usage.  

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