How-To: Log out of the Mobile App




After logging into the ProntoForms app, users will stay logged in indefinitely unless a custom session length is set.  The option to reset the app can be found in app settings. 

Note: If you're looking to secure your app without resetting it, consider setting a passcode on the app


Reset the App   

Logging out of the mobile app will delete all forms, drafts, pending uploads, and inbox records in the app, and reset the app to its default settings. This cannot be undone.  

  1. Ensure there are no forms in the Drafts or items pending submission.  If there are:

    • Drafts: Tap the form to open it, and confirm if it is needed. If it is, submit it.

  2. Tap the Settings button.  This will vary by device. 

  3. Select Log Out.

    Note:  This will delete all your forms, drafts, pending uploads, and inbox records, and reset your app to its default settings. This cannot be undone

  4. Once you confirm you want to reset the app, you will be logged out of the app, and all your information and settings will be cleared.

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Authentication Error

It is necessary for a user to log out of the app and log in again if they see an Authentication Error.  This is usually caused by the username or password being changed by either the user or the administrator in the web portal.  

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  • Avatar
    Craig Baum

    I did that about 50 times and still no joy


  • Avatar
    Alex Banda

    Dont let me change my username in a tablet pantech

  • Avatar
    Hector Haro

    I have the wrong username in the "User ID" field. How do I change it?

  • Avatar
    Glenn Breker

    If you have the wrong username in your Device, and have no forms that you need to save (EG: Drafts or forms in the outbox)...

    You can click on setting, then on advance settings, clicking on RESET will reset the APP allowing you to log in with a new Username.

    Again: This RESETS the App so you will lose any data still in the App on the device.