Enable Push Notifications On a Mobile Device


Before You Begin

For push notifications to appear on the mobile device, they must be enabled in the ProntoForms portal by an administrator.  For details, consult Configuring a Team for Push Notifications.


Enable Push Notifications for ProntoForms on Android Devices

Push notifications are enabled from within the settings of the ProntoForms mobile app.

  1. With the ProntoForms app open to one fo the main navigations screens, tap the Android menu button. 
  2. Enter Settings. 
  3. Select Advanced to access the advanced settings for ProntoForms.  Toggle the checkbox next to Use Push to control whether your Android device receives push notifications.  

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Enable Push Notifications for ProntoForms on iOS Devices

On iOS devices, push notifications from ProntoForms are controlled in the general iOS Settings.

  1. Find and tap the Settings app from the main screen of your Apple device.
  2. Select Notification Center.
  3. Locate the ProntoForms entry in the list of apps in the notification center and tap on it. 
  4. Change the "Alert Style" to "Banners" or "Alerts" .
  5. Configure other settings as desired.

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