When does auto-save occur in the ProntoForms app?

The ProntoForms app will auto-save a draft of a form that you are working on when the following occurs:

  • When the user taps the home button on the device
  • When the user navigates to a different page in the form
  • When the user launches a form sub-process like image capture, sketch, signature, or bar code scanner
  • When the user turns off the screen on the device

Note that auto-saved drafts do not appear in the Drafts tab of the device.  The draft is maintained behind-the-scenes by the app.  If the ProntoForms app is unexpectedly terminated while a form is in-progress (due to low memory on the device, for instance), the user (upon re-launch of the app) has the option to recover the draft or to discard it.

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