Can a user view submitted form data through a mobile application on their mobile device?



There are several ways mobile users can view submitted form data on their mobile device without accessing the web administration portal.  

Note: Learn how to view a summary of forms before they are submitted, available on iOS and Android. 


The Sent Box

The "Sent" tab in the ProntoForms mobile app allows users to view their forms that have been submitted during a given period. When the Sent box is enabled for a team, the tab will appear alongside the Forms, Inbox, etc, tabs.   When a mobile user taps on the name of a sent form, they can choose to view the data in a PDF, Word, or HTML format, allowing users to check on successful processing of data and view data record documents without leaving the ProntoForms app.   Read more about the Sent box here. 


Using the Sent Tab

  1. Select the Sent tab to view submitted forms.  
  2. Tap on an item in the list to display several data record document download actions.  Tapping one of these will download the document to the mobile app, and display a document preview.  
  3. From the preview, tap the Share icon in the upper right of the screen to allow for the document to be passed to other relevant functions and apps on the device (or in the case of devices using iOS 7 or above, airdropped to another device).

Sent_Tab_List_Longer.png Sent_Tab_Options.png sent_options_documents.png

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Data Destinations

The data record document of submitted forms can also be made available to the mobile user through various data destinations.  For example, the data record can sent back to the creator via email (to a mailbox that is available from the mobile device) through the Email Data Destination, usually with the captured data contained in an attached PDF file.

ProntoForms also offers many data destinations that route data record documents to various cloud storage services -- many of which also have mobile apps that allow you to view stored documents.  These include Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and Google Sheets.  Because data destinations automatically execute within a few moments of a submitted form reaching the ProntoForms server, data record documents can be available through these mobile apps shortly after submitting a form.

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