My forms are not appearing on my device. Where are my Forms?


 There are a number of reasons why forms may not be appearing on your mobile device.  Try the following steps. 



Send/Receive or Reconcile

Ensure you have an internet connection and perform a Send/Receive or Reconcile on your device.  This should update the list of forms assigned to you.  Check for error messages.  

  • Authentication Error:  the username and/or password is invalid. 
  • Connection error/unable to find host/server:  Power cycle the device. 

 If there are no error messages and there still are no forms on the device, continue to the next step.

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Check FormSpace Assignments

Users are assigned to Groups, and Groups are assigned to FormSpaces if multiple FormSpaces are enabled; users will be able to use forms in the FormSpaces their group is assigned to. Pronto Admins can change these assignments in the portal. To confirm that the user is in a group assigned to the forms:

  • Mouse over the Users & Groups tab and select the user.
  • Enter the Permissions tab.
  • Ensure that the correct Formspaces/Forms are listed under FormSpace Permissions.
  • To add a Formspace to a group's permissions, see step 3.

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Check Group Permissions

By default, permissions are configured to allow all users to submit data for Active/deployed forms that their group is assigned to.  If the default settings have been changed, an administrator can change permissions in the web portal. Mouse over the Users & Groups tab and select the desired Group the user is in.

  • Confirm that the user is listed.
  • Confirm the desired Formpace is listed, and that the appropriate permissions are selected. Can Submit assigns Active/deployed forms; this should be selected by default. Can Test will also assign Draft forms.  Read more about permissions.
  • To edit, mouse over the dropdown beside the group name.
    • Select Update to add users to the group or assign new FormSpaces if multiple FormSpaces are enabled.
    • Select Edit FormSpace Permissions to edit the group's permissions for each FormSpace.  
  • After saving these changes, perform a Send/Receive or Reconcile on the mobile device.

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Check that the form is not set to "Dispatched to Inbox."

Forms that have been configured to be initiated through dispatching only will not appear on the device of a mobile user, and must first be dispatched by an administrator.  Read more on ProntoForms Dispatching.    To change this setting, an administrator can:

  • From the Manage Forms menu, select the desired form.
  • Press the Edit button.
  • Enter the Form Properties tab. 
  • Under Dispatching and Data Record Initiation, select either Started by User from Device Forms Tab or Both.
  • After saving these changes, perform a Send/Receive or Reconcile on the mobile device.

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