Accept a Credit Card Payment Using Inner Fence



Innerfence Credit Card Terminal is a mobile payment app that allows users to collect a credit card payment directly from a mobile device.  Innerfence does not store any sensitive customer information and uses industry standard encryption. 

In order to accept a credit card payment through ProntoForms using Innerfence, the Innerfence Credit Card Terminal app must first be installed on the mobile device (simply search for "Innerfence"). A merchant account is required to process payments.

A credit card payment can only be applied in ProntoForms through the use of a credit card transaction type question; as such, this must be added to the form by an administrator before a mobile user can process a credit card payment.  Click here to learn how to add credit card processing to a form.


Accepting a Payment

To accept a credit card payment with ProntoForms:  

  1. Enter the payment amount in the appropriate field on the form.
  2. Tap on the "Pay with Innerfence" button. Note: Once the credit card payment process is completed, the form will lock and no changes can be made to it.  
    Innerfence.png  Innerfence2.png
  3. Upon accepting the details of the pop-up message, the user is then taken to Innerfence's payment processor’s device App, complete with the charged amount pre-populated. 
  4. Tapping the "More" button allows you to enter more information as well as a description of the services. 
  5. The credit card information can be either swiped through the payment processor-provided card reader or manually keyed in to the application.
  6. The customer’s signature is required. Tap the Signature button and pass the device to the customer.
  7. Tap Charge to complete the transaction. 
  8. Upon completion of all of these steps, transaction details are displayed on an approval page. Select Return to ProntoForms to once again have access to the original mobile form.

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Note: Following a credit card transaction, no ProntoForms form field can be changed. All data entered into the form is deemed final.

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