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The ProntoForms mobile app allows field users to quickly and easily fill in and submit forms.  As such, this core functionality is simple and intuitive to use.   

The specific look and content of the form will be based entirely on what has been configured by the ProntoForms administrator.  A few screen captures of very basic sample forms are shown here, and are in no way intended to be representative of the content that may be displayed on your forms.

Note: It's possible to navigate form submission using a bluetooth keyboard connected to an iOS device. 


Basic In-Form Navigation

Open a Form

In the Forms screen, simply tap on the name of a form to open it.

Navigating between pages

Navigating between pages is by touch and swipe.  To move to the next page,  simply tap on the right side of the screen and drag to the left.

It is also possible to navigate using the arrows on the top right of the form.  On iOS, up will go backwards in the form, and down will go forward. On Android 6.8 and above, the arrows are right and left.



Submit a Form

On Android, use the arrow button 2017-03-20-Android6-8-SendIcon.png button at the top right of the form to submit.  

On iOS, enter the index/page listing and select Send on the top right to submit the form. 


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Index Pages

iOS Android
2015-10-07_12.46.24.png 2017-03-09-Android6-8IndexPg.png


On the page listing screen, users can view the pages in the form.  The page listing is accessible by tapping the back arrow in any form.

  • When the index is enabled, the page listing shows all pages in the form and the user can skip ahead.
  • When the index is disabled, the page listing will only display pages already visited by the user. The user cannot skip ahead.

Read more about the Index page in a ProntoForm.

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"Help" Content

Help content in mobile forms allows  users access to support and other resources out in the field.  Any question in the form can include a link to Youtube videos, ProntoForms Support articles, or work instructions, reference tables and images.

A question with help content associated will have a question mark next to it. 

iOS Android
2015-10-22_13.18.25.png 2017-03-09-Android6-8-HelpText.png


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The In-Form Menu

iOS Android
Full_Index.png 2017-03-09-Android6-8FormMenu.png


iOS Devices:  

To access form options, press the Back_Btuton.png button at the top left of the form to access the Index or Page Listing.  

Close on the top left of the page listing screen displays two options: 

  • Delete Draft, which will discard the form and all information entered in it.  This cannot be undone.

  • Save as Draft, which will save the form in its current state.  It can be accessed in the Drafts screen of the app.

Summary on the bottom left of the page listing allows a user to view a form before submitting it.  This is useful for checking that all data has been entered correctly, or for showing a customer a view of all data entered before asking them to sign off.

 Send on the top right of the page listing submits the form to data destinations and the ProntoForms server.  Once a form is submitted, no changes can be made.  This cannot be undone. 


Android Devices:

There are two buttons available in Android:

2017-03-20-SendButton100px.png Send: Submits the form data to the ProntoForms server.

  Menu: Opens two additional options: Close or Summary (if enabled for the form).

  • Close: Will offer three choices:
    • Cancel: Returns to the open form.
    • Discard: Deletes the open form and all of its data from the device. This data is not recoverable.
    • Save: Saves the current form data as a draft, which can be accessed through the Drafts screen for later editing.

The Summary can also be accessed by the side navigation bar.

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