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About ProntoForms

ProntoForms has two main components:

  • The web portal: Forms can be built, submitted forms can be viewed, and connections to other systems can be set up.
  • The mobile app:  Forms can be filled out by users and submitted.

Forms can be filled out and saved when working offline. A connection is needed to receive new forms or to submit forms.  Forms submitted when no connection is present will be saved in the Outbox until they can be sent.

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Log in to the Mobile App

If you haven't already, download the mobile app

  1. Launch the ProntoForms app from the home screen of your mobile device.


  2. Enter your username/password.  These credentials are the same as what you use to log into the web portal.

    • If you have an account but forgot your password, select the "Forgot Password" link.


  3. If a valid username and password are entered, the device will register, and forms assigned to the user will be downloaded. 


Change your Password

Read our FAQ article on how to change a password.

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