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The Sketch Pad control allows users to "draw" on their screen, usually on top of an image.  Several drawing tools and colors are available. It is possible to set up a Sketch Pad control to allowing users to:

  • Sketch on a blank canvas
  • Sketch on a pre-set background image, uploaded by an administrator
  • Add text to the sketch
  • Choose an image stored on the device to sketch on
  • Take a photo with the device's camera to sketch on
  • Any combination of the above

Common uses include drawing diagrams of a work site, or taking photos of a work site and circling or otherwise marking items/areas requiring attention. Learn about adding a sketch pad control to a form.

When enabled, multiple sketches can be collected with a single sketch question.

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Launch the Sketch Pad

To begin, select Launch Sketch Pad (on an Android device) or Tap to Select Photo (on an iOS device) and choose one of the sketch options: 

  • Blank Canvas: Sketch on an empty background
  • Take Photo: Allows the user to sketch on top of a photo taken with the device's camera
  • Choose Photo: Allows the user to sketch on top of an existing photo on their device
  • Choose Form Image: Allows the user to sketch over a form image 

Upon completion of all sketch activities, tap Save (on Android) or Done (on iOS) to return to the form.

Note: Depending on the form's settings, the user may see all, some, or only one of these options.



2017-03-21-Android6-8Sketchpad01.png 2017-03-21-ios7-7Sketchpad01.png

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On Android devices, the menu is visible at the top of the screen.  Placement and appearance vary by device.  From left to right, the menu exhibits:

  • Shape, which allows the user to draw shapes
  • Text, which allows the user to input text
  • Width, which changes the width of lines 
  • Color, which changes the color drawn

The Undo/Redo arrows will undo or reinstate the last action performed (other than "Clear"). Clear will erase the entire canvas, and cannot be undone.  Save to accept changes and go back to the form.

On iOS devices, the menu is already open at the bottom of the screen.  From left to right, icons are shown depicting:

  • Shape, which allows the user to choose which shapes to use, including Free, Line, Rectangle, Round and Text
  • Width,  which changes the width of lines
  • Color, which changes the color drawn
  • Undo will undo the last action (other than "Clear")
  • Clear will erase the entire canvas, and cannot be undone.  

At the top right, hit Done to accept changes and go back to the form.  



2017-03-21-Android6-8Sketchpad02.png 2017-03-21-ios7-7Sketchpad02.png

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Launch the color picker by selecting the eyedrop icon from the menu on Android devices, or tapping the Color icon on iOS devices. Once the color is selected, tap "Done" or "OK" to return to the canvas. Colors can be changed as often as desired; however, colors chosen will not affect lines/shapes previously sketched.



2017-03-21-Android6-8Sketchpad03.png 2017-03-21-ios7-7Sketchpad03.png

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There are four options for width in the Sketch Pad Control. The options available are:

  • Thin
  • Medium
  • Thick
  • Extra thick

On Android devices, adjust width by selecting "Width" from the menu.  

On iOS devices, adjust width using the slider at the bottom of the screen.



2017-03-21-Android6-8Sketchpad04.png 2017-03-21-ios7-7Sketchpad04.png

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To use the shape or free draw tools, simply tap and drag.  Various shape tools are available: 

  • Free Draw gives the ability to free draw
  • Line gives the ability to draw a straight line
  • Rectangle gives the ability to draw a rectangle 
  • Oval/Round gives the ability to draw circles and ovals
  • Arrow gives the ability to draw arrows

For text on iOS, select Text from the popup menu, tap where the line of text should begin, and start typing when a cursor appears.  

For text on Android, select the Text icon, tap to place it, and type when a textbox appears. Move the text around once it's been placed by dragging it. 

Note:  In iOS, choose color and width before placing lines/shapes/text.  These properties cannot be edited afterwards.



2017-03-21-Android6-8Sketchpad05.png 2017-03-21-ios7-7Sketchpad05.png

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Zoom and Pan

Zoom in on an image to more accurately sketch.

  • Unpinch/spread fingers to zoom in; pinch fingers to zoom back out
  • Once zoomed in, move up/down or side to side by dragging 2 fingers across the screen

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