A form is "stuck" in my Outbox. What do I do?



The Outbox in Android contains submitted and queued forms ready to be sent to the ProntoForms server. In iOS and Windows 10, any unsent forms are found in the Sent view under a heading called Outgoing. Forms are only listed in this screen if sending the form has failed, usually due to marginal or unavailable network access. Forms in the Outbox or under the Outgoing header should send on their own once the device has an adequate connection and is reconciled again. The Outbox will hold onto the forms until they can be safely sent to the ProntoForms server. 

Please note that ProntoForms cannot reconcile the app -- i.e., send your filled-out form to the server -- with the app in the background. If you hit send, then switch to another app (making ProntoForms in the background), your filled-out form will go to your Outbox until you reconcile.


Actions to Take

Before contacting ProntoForms Support, there are some actions that mobile users can take. If  the user is unable to remove the item from their Outbox, these steps will help collect information that may be useful to our Support team during troubleshooting.


1. Connect to a WiFi Network

Forms cannot be sent to the ProntoForms server and will remain in your Outbox if you do not have a stable data connection. Most devices use a mobile network to send forms to the ProntoForms server. These mobile networks are not as stable as a WiFi connection in most cases. Connecting to a WiFi network ensures a strong and stable data connection.

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2. Check Network Connection

You can check the stability of your WiFi connection by doing the following:

  1. Open a web browser application on your device

  2. Enter https://live.prontoforms.com/ in the address bar of your web browser.

  3. If the page does not load, the issue is not with ProntoForms. Forms cannot be sent to the ProntoForms server and will remain in your Outbox if you do not have a stable data connection.

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3. Reconcile

Once you have ensured that you have a stable data connection, try to Reconcile. Reconcile attempts to send any forms remaining in your outbox to the ProntoForms server.


The Reconcile button can be found:

  • At the bottom left of the Home screen on iOS devices

  • At the top right of the Forms screen on Android devices.

Ensure that the ProntoForms app remains in the foreground when performing a reconcile.

  • Do not close the app before the Reconcile is complete.

  • Do not switch to other apps or screens before the Reconcile is complete.

    Note: Moving the ProntoForms app to the background will interrupt the Reconcile and cause it to fail. 

Take note of any error messages that pop up or any strange behavior that occurs.  

  • Do you receive any messages like "multiple devices," "authentication failed"?

  • Does the "Reconcile" pop-up show?  Is the progress icon cycling?

  • Does the reconcile take a long time to complete, or does it appear to finish quickly?  

  • Does ProntoForms stay open on your screen, or does it appear to close?

Note that the larger the form (take photos, etc into consideration) the longer it will take to reconcile, although this is still usually complete within a few seconds.  Please try to reconcile a few times with a good network connection before contacting Support.

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4. Send Forms to Support

If you have reconciled multiple times in an area with a confirmed solid network connection,  it is possible to manually send forms to ProntoForms Support.  This will place your form in a .zip file in an email to Support, who will then manually upload the form.  


iOS Devices:

  1. Open the ProntoForms App and click on Settings (accessed through the Gear icon in the bottom right corner of the Home screen).

  2. Under "Application Settings", select Advanced Settings.

  3. Under "Diagnostics", select Send Forms to Support and select the related stuck form.  Choose one of the following: 

    • Select "No ticket" if this is not related to an existing issue. Otherwise, enter your existing ticket number.

    • If this is not related to an existing issue, enter "JFNS" as the value, otherwise enter "JNFS" followed by the ticket number (i.e., "JFNS#####")

  4. Your device’s email app will open with a message already addressed to "support@prontoforms.com". 

  5. Check that the "From" email address is correct, and hit "Send." 

    • Hitting "Send" will email the completed form to ProntoForms Support.  You will be emailed when the data record is processed.     


Android Devices:

  1. Navigate to your Sent box.

  2. Select the "stuck" form (you may need to tap and hold).

  3. In the top right of the screen, 3 icons should appear.  

  4. Tap the envelope icon to email the form to Support.  On the next screen, select "Email."

  5. Once you select an Email service, it will open with a message already addressed to "support@prontoforms.com."

  6. Add your ticket number to the email subject line.

  7. Check that the "From" email address is correct, and hit "Send."


Windows Devices

  1. Open the ProntoForms app and select Settings.
  2. Under Advanced SettingsDiagnostics, select Send forms to Support.
  3. Your device's default email app will open with a message already addressed to "support@prontoforms.com".
  4. Check that the From address is correct and hit Send.
    1. Sending will email the completed form to ProntoForms support. You will be emailed when the data record is processed.



Please note that these processes do not delete the item from your Outbox. If you are submitting multiple forms, be sure not to submit the first form on the list multiple times.  Once you have received confirmation that the form has been successfully uploaded, manually delete the form from your Outbox.

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  • Avatar
    Reg Russell

    In iOS - Pronto Forms V 6.4.7 I see a "Send Logs to Support" option but not a "Send Forms to Support" option. 

  • Avatar
    Danielle Morley

    Hello Reg,

    "Send forms to Support" will appear in the iOS app if you still have forms that are stuck in your Outbox, otherwise this option will be hidden.  Please contact our support team at support@prontoforms.com or 1.888.762.7472  if you are finding that this is not the case.


  • Avatar
    Donna Brooks

    Do you suggest we re-install the app after we receive confirmation that our stuck forms have been successfully uploaded?

  • Avatar
    Sean Howard

    Hello Donna,

    If the forms were stuck in your Outbox due to a network problem then a re-install will not be required. If you are getting error messages or stuck forms on a regular basis then please contact our support team at  support@prontoforms.com or 1.888.762.7472  and we will create a support ticket to investigate why the forms are getting stuck in your Outbox.