Can I disable automatic updates to the ProntoForms app?




In order to take advantage of new features and optimizations, your team should always use the most recent version of the ProntoForms app on their mobile devices.  App store updates are often automatic.  However, some teams prefer to test out their forms on new versions of the app before having their team update.  Automatic updates can be turned off on each device in order to facilitate this.


Disable Auto-Updates on iOS

Turn off auto-updates to the ProntoForms app in the iOS Settings menu. 

Note: This will turn off auto-update for all apps on the device.

  1. Open the Settings application on your device using the Gear icon: ios-settingsgear-75x75.png

  2. Select iTunes & App Store.

    toggle ios.PNG

  3. Scroll down to Automatic Updates. Tap so the button appears grey.

    toggle ios.PNG 



Disable Auto-Updates on Android

On Android devices, it is possible to disable auto-updates for just the ProntoForms app, or for all apps.

For the ProntoForms App

Turn off auto-update for just the ProntoForms app. 

  1. Open the Play Store.


  2. Select My apps by swiping in from the left.


  3. Select ProntoForms.

  4. Tap the burger_menu.png menu. 


  5. Uncheck the box to disable auto-updates.




For All Apps

Turn off auto-updates for all apps in the Play Store Settings menu. 

  1. Open the Play Store.


  2. Select Settings.


  3. Under the General heading select Auto-update apps. In the popup, tap Do not auto-update apps



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