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"Reconciling" performs a send/receive from the mobile app to the ProntoForms server.  A network connection is required in order for a reconcile or send/receive to be successfully completed.

When the mobile app is reconciled: 

  • Forms on the server are downloaded to the app
  • Dispatched forms on the server are downloaded to the app
  • Data source information is downloaded to the app
  • Forms in the app Outbox are uploaded to the server
    • A reconcile is forced when a form is submitted, but if no network connection is available at the time, a manual reconcile later on will complete the transmission of the form to the server

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How Do I Reconcile?


The Reconcile button can be found:

  • At the bottom left of the Home screen on iOS devices
  • At the top right of the screen on Android (Prontoforms 6.8) devices.
  • On the top or bottom right of the home screen on Windows 10 devices.

Ensure that the ProntoForms app remains in the foreground when performing a reconcile.

  • Do not close the app before the Reconcile is complete.
  • Do not switch to other apps or screens before the Reconcile is complete.

Note: Moving the ProntoForms app to the background will interrupt the Reconcile and cause it to fail. 

Note that the larger the form (take photos, etc into consideration) the longer it will take to reconcile, although this is still usually complete within a few seconds. Please make sure that you have a good network connection when you are reconciling your device.

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Why Should I Reconcile?

Initiating a Reconcile periodically is strongly recommended to ensure that the mobile device remains synchronized and the ProntoForms data on the device remains up to date.  While the app may reconcile on its own when opened, it is a good practice to manually reconcile the app before starting work on a new form submission.

Failing to reconcile on a regular basis can result in:

  • Outdated form versions (which may be missing questions, or have errors that have since been corrected) being available to users
  • Outdated data (or no data) being shown in dropdown/radiobutton lists
    • With some filtering configurations, this can result in parts of the form being unusable
  • Field users not receiving dispatches
  • Large amounts of forms accumulating in the Outbox

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What if I Need to Work Offline?

The ProntoForms mobile app is designed to work offline.  Users can to fill out and submit forms when their device does not have a network connection.  No data will be lost.  Submitted forms can be sent in by reconciling once a network connection is available.

However, the device does still need to be reconciled periodically, especially in order for submitted forms to be sent to the server. Otherwise, submitted forms will be stored locally (only on the device) in the app's Outbox.

If workers are frequently in areas with no network connection, administrators should plan accordingly, and not expect field users to have new data the moment they make changes to a form or data.  If an update to a form/data source has been made that is absolutely essential for users to have, it may be advisable for administrators to send out a communication to all users reminding them to find the time to reconcile before beginning work on their forms.

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    Is there an option for the application to automatically reconcile when it is launched?