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There are four folders on the Android ProntoForms app:  Forms, Inbox, Drafts, and Outbox.  The boxes seen may vary (and may appear in a different order) based on team settings. The first place you will encounter these boxes is on the ProntoForms Home Screen (in Android 6.8 and above).

This article will discuss how to navigate ProntoForms for Android 6.8 and above.

Note: Information on the iOS mobile app can be found here.



Side Navigation Bar  

2017-03-07-Android6-9SideNav.png The side navigation bar is available from any of the standard boxes in the app. To access it, tap the 2017-03-09-hamburgermenu20px.png menu button at the top left of any of the folder screens and select which box you wish to navigate to. The Settings menu is also available from the side navigation bar.

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Forms Box


The Forms box lists all forms available for the user to fill out.  To open a form, simply tap on it.  If there are multiple forms, swipe up and down to view all available forms.

Where are my Forms?

If there are no forms listed in the Forms box, it means no forms have been assigned.  Forms must be assigned to users by a team administrator.  

Read here for the steps to follow if no forms/no new forms are appearing on your device.


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2017-03-16-Android6-8-Inbox02.png   While forms that appear in the Forms box can be started by the user, forms that appear in the Inbox have been initiated (or Dispatched) by a ProntoForms team administrator.  By default, forms in the Inbox are listed by "Form Name - Date and Time last edited". 

Read more about how an administrator can change/customize this naming convention.

About Dispatched forms:

  •  An administrator pre-fills some information on a form, uploads the data to the web administration portal, and dispatches the partially-filled form to the mobile device of a user.  
  • Customer information and job details are items typically filled out by an administrator before dispatching. 
  • Pre-filled fields may be set by an administrator to Read-Only so they cannot be edited on the mobile device.
  • Forms in the Inbox can be opened by tapping on them, as with all forms.  The remaining fields in the form can be filled out and the form can submitted normally.

Dispatch Notes

This is a limited-release feature. Please contact your ProntoForms sales representative if you want to use this feature.

Where applicable, dispatch notes appear beneath dispatches. These usually contain job-relevant information included when the home user sends out the dispatch to the mobile user.


The inbox is sorted alphabetically. Dispatches in black italics are non-declinable dispatches, while dispatches in blue can be declined. If an edit is requested on a dispatch, it will be black, with a blue "Edit Requested."

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Declining a Dispatch

1. Navigate to the Inbox. 2. Tap and hold the dispatch you wish to delete, then select the trash can icon to decline. 3. Select "OK" when asked to confirm.
2019-05-16-AND-DeclineDispatch01.png 2019-05-16-AND-DeclineDispatch02.png 2019-05-16-AND-DeclineDispatch03.png

Declined data records are visible in the Data tab of the ProntoForms administration portal.  They are distinguished from completed data records by a red arrow icon.

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Drafts Box


The Drafts box lists all saved forms.  These forms have been opened and partially filled out, but not submitted or discarded.   Any form in the Drafts screen may be tapped to open it and continue editing.

Any data in a draft will remain on the device, and will not appear on the ProntoForms server until the form has been submitted by the user.  Once a form is submitted, it will disappear from the Drafts box.

By default, forms in the Drafts box are listed by "Form Name - Date and Time last edited".   

Read more about how an administrator can change/customize this naming convention. 

Delete Drafts

If a user no longer needs to keep their draft forms, they can delete them from their device.  

  • Select individual drafts to delete by tapping and holding the item until a checkbox appears. Then tap on additional drafts you wish to delete, and select the trash can icon.


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Sent Box


The Sent box holds forms that have been submitted and received by the Prontoforms web portal.  

Read here to learn more about the Sent box.

The Sent box also contains the forms that have been queued for submission if the user is working in Offline mode. Forms will only be listed under the Outbox header if sending the form has failed, typically due to working in Offline mode. By default, forms in the Outbox header are listed by "Form Name - Date and Time Submitted". Read more about how an administrator can change/customize this naming convention.

  • Forms in the Outbox will automatically send once the device has adequate network access.    
  • Forms in the Outbox screen may not be edited, but they can be deleted.  If they are deleted, no data will be sent to the ProntoForms server.


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