Error: Authentication Failed


Error Message

"Authentication Failed".

Can be seen from the login screen after entering credentials, or from of of the mobile app tabs.

Authentication_Failed.png   2015-08-12_11.33.53.png




From the login screen: Cannot sign into the ProntoForms application.

From mobile app tabs: Cannot reconcile or submit forms.


Possible Cause

Username and/or password are entered incorrectly

From the login screen, simply re-enter your credentials.


Username and/or password have changed

Determine your correct credentials.  From the login screen, enter your correct credentials.  From the Forms or Inbox screen, follow the steps described here to log out, and then log back in with the correct credentials.  


User account is no longer active (deleted or suspended)

Contact your administrator.


User account is suspended (team's free trial has expired)

Follow the instructions here.


Steps to Resolve

Follow the links above to help troubleshoot the problem. 

If the above links did not help and you still cannot sign into ProntoForms, please contact your ProntoForms Administrator or contact ProntoForms Support Desk:

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