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V1 Forms: Viewing and Editing Form Details



  • steve chrisman

    deploy form does not show up as an option. 

  • ClaireT

    Hi, Steve,

    If your form does not have a Draft version, you will not see "Deploy" as an option.

  • Derek

    Are the forms created by users proprietary?


  • ColinP

    Hi Derek,

    The forms created by users may be used within a ProntoForms team, and are not normally shared with other ProntoForms customers.  If you'd like to share a particular form with another customer though, our support team will be happy to copy it over for you.  Forms created in ProntoForms can be used to capture data, and have that data generated into a PDF, XML, JSON, Word Doc, etc - it is possible to integrate the captured data with other systems.

    In terms of designing forms in ProntoForms, and exporting to fill them in on another system, this is not possible.


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