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Skip logic can be used to allow multiple branches of questions based on user input.  It can be added to Dropdown or Radiobutton questions. 

Skip logic is a useful tool in forms with optional sections.  It allows users to jump to the next relevant page based on answers to a questions at the ends of selected pages.

For example, in a part order form with 10 pages, a radiobutton question using skip logic can ask "Add another part?".  If the user selects "Yes", another part page will be shown.  If they answer "No", the question will be set to skip any remaining "Part" pages and jump straight to the page that follows part input.

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Add Skip Logic to a Question

  1. Build the form so there is a page for the Skip Logic to jump to.  The page being skipped to must exist so it can be selected in Jump to Page...
  2. Create or select a Radiobutton or Dropdown question where the skip is going to occur.  It is recommended that Skip Logic be placed at the end of a page. 
  3. Mouse over the question and select Edit Properties.  
  4. Enter the Radiobutton or Dropdown Properties tab.
  5. Under Data Source, select"Defined here."

  6. Use the Add Option button to add options for the Radiobutton/Dropdown list.
  7. Under Option Configuration:

    • Value:  Define the options in the Radiobutton/Dropdown list.
    • Default:  Choose a default option, if desired.  
    • Jump To Page...:  Select an existing page to jump to.  Leave blank if nothing should be skipped. 

      Skip logic is used to jump pages, not individual questions, and can only skip forward.  
  8. Hit OK when done to finalize changes to the question.
  9. Click either Save as Draft or Save and Deploy to save changes to the form.

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