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Note: As of November 2018, you will be unable to create new V1 forms. All new forms must be built in the V2 Form Builder, which is available to all ProntoForms customers (view our FAQ here) For more information on how to enable V2 forms, please read: Enabling Access to V2 Forms. 


This is where pages and questions are added to forms.  The builder's drag and drop functionality makes it easy to create and edit mobile forms.  No programming or special training is required; form building is intuitive enough for any business user to get their forms up and running in no time.


Access the Pages & Questions Tab

  1. To access the Pages & Questions tab, select the desired form, and click Edit Form.


  2. Select the Pages & Questions tab on the centre left.




Pages help break up mobile users' workflow into logical steps that they need to complete. Each page generally contains a set of questions that are related.  When a new form is created,  it will automatically have a single page.  


Add a Page

Create a new page by clicking the add.png button.


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Edit a Page

Mouse over a page to view available actions.  


edit.jpg Edit Page Properties: 
  • Page Name: Rename the page.
  • Always submit page data, even when page was not visited:  This determines whether or not data on unvisited pages is submitted. 
    Note: This feature will display as an upwards arrow upwardsbutton.png in the web portal once the form is deployed.
    • Unchecked:  Default answers will not submit, and validation will not be performed. If the page is not visited and it contains unanswered required questions, the form can still be submitted.  The unanswered required questions will not create an error.
    • Checked:  Default answers will still submit, and validation will still be performed.  If the page is not visited and it contains unanswered required questions, the form cannot be submitted. The unanswered required questions will create an error.
      • Note:  If using skip logic, uncheck this option for any pages that are allowed to be skipped.  Any pages that cannot be skipped should have this option checked.
Move_up.jpg Move Up: Use to move the selected page up.  Alternately, drag it into position by clicking and holding the left-hand edge of the page.
Move_down.jpg Move Down: Use to move the page down.  Alternately, drag it into position by clicking and holding the left-hand edge of the page.
copy.jpg Copy: Makes a copy of the page and the questions contained in it.
cross-circle.png Delete: Deletes the selected page. This cannot be undone. 

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Every item on a form is considered a question, whether it is a block of  information, a dropdown question, a field auto-populated by a data source, a signature area, or even the opportunity to attach a photo.  Read more on Form Controls and Data Types.


Adding Questions

In the Form Builder, add a new question by clicking the add.png button.  Each form question is created by first defining the type of data to collect and the control type. 


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Editing Questions

Click on the question to edit the question text.



Mouse over a question to view available actions:


type.png  Change the control type and data type
editprop.png Edit question properties
mouseover_question.jpg Move this question to another page. Alternately, drag it into position by clicking and holding the left-hand edge of the question.
Move_up.jpg Move this question up. Alternately, drag it into position by clicking and holding the left-hand edge of the question.
Move_down.jpg Move this question down. Alternately, drag it into position by clicking and holding the left-hand edge of the question.
copy.jpg Copy this question and its properties.
cross-circle.png Delete this question.

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Edit Properties

Common Properties

  • Question Text (the text displayed to the user)
  • Question Label 
    • Labels can be referenced in number of ways.  Read more about question labels below. 
    • Question labels should not be edited if they are being referenced in data destinations, etc, as the reference will be broken.
  • Question Attributes
    • Required - question must be answered
    • Read-only - answer cannot be altered by the mobile user
    • Hidden on device - question is not visible to mobile user
    • Hidden in reports - question is not displayed in the emailed notification report


Control Type Properties and Data Type Properties

These options will vary depending on the control type chosen.


Help Properties

Adding "Help" to a form gives mobile users access to support and other resources out in the field.  Any question "help" can link to Youtube videos, web pages, or  HTML-formatted work instructions and images.  Read more on adding Help content to forms.

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Question Labels

Question labels are found in the Pages & Questions tab, in the grey area to the right of each question. 



They are used in several ways in the ProntoForms system.  Use Data Record Expression Language to reference Question Labels in order to: 

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Creating and Changing Question Labels

It is important to carefully consider question labels when building forms.  Question labels are automatically generated based on initial question text, but can be modified.  If initial question text is changed, question labels will remain the same unless manually changed.

There are two ways to change question labels:

  • To change a single question label, click on it, enter the new label, and click Save.  


  • To recreate all labels at once to match question text, select Re-Generate Question Labels.  Click OK on the confirmation popup.  


Note: If changes are made to question labels after they have been used as references in data destinations or documents, it is necessary to update the references with the new labels.   

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  • Avatar
    julian roberts

    I have hidden all the question/labels on a page BUT the page itself is still visible 

    there is an example of the thing i want to do in formID 142889116 on page 4 - the page is completely hidden But when i set a page  to behave in the same way in formId 145038047 (page2) - i still see the page !!

    What am i doing wrong/missing here ?


  • Avatar
    Danielle Morley

    Hi Julian,

    Do you have an "information" question on the page?  If so, can you make sure that the setting on that question named "Always display this question (and its page) in reports"  is unchecked? 

    Alternatively,  are your forms using the same document?   PDF/Word/HTML document can be set to hide or show "all unanswered pages"  and "all unanswered questions" -- maybe you have a different setting for each form.

    If you're still having issues, let me know and I can escalate this to a support ticket, where are team will be better able to help your troubleshooting. 

  • Avatar
    julian roberts

    Sorry Danielle

    i didn't make it clear - the page is always showing on the device 


  • Avatar
    Danielle Morley


    The only way to fully hide a page on the device is by using skip logic to bypass it (which will also clear any answers on it, in most cases). Hiding all of the questions on the page will not hide the page.   

  • Avatar
    julian roberts

    ok - i will try that - thank you