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About Form Images

What are Form Images?

Form Images are images that you upload to a FormSpace in the web portal.  You can then reference these images in questions with a:

  • Sketch Pad control
  • Resource Image control
  • Form Resources help option

You can reference a Form Image from any form within the same FormSpace, as shown in the following illustration. 



Because a Form Image is a shared resource within the FormSpace, it's easy to keep all of your forms up to date with the latest version. Simply upload a new Form Image with the same name as the old one - there's no need to manually update any of your forms.

When to use Form Images

Form Images provide reference material for your mobile users. You can use a Form Image as part of the question itself or as part of the answer to a question. 

Example Setup Question limit Page limit Form limit
Before/after photos of an engine repair Use a Resource Image question to display the images inline as part of a question. 6 10 20
Illustrated job steps for servicing a medical device Put the written instructions in the question text, and provide a Form Resources help option that the user can view on demand. 6 N/A N/A
Building floor plan for a facility inspector to annotate Use a Sketch Pad question to use the image as part of the answer to a question. 3 N/A N/A

Supported file types

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF

Recommended file size

To improve the performance of your forms, such as how long they take to download, think about the image size when it's displayed on a user's mobile device. For example, unless the user needs to display the image full-screen on an iPad or zoom in to see detail, you can upload a smaller file. For logos that you want to display on every page, use smallest file that provides a good quality image.

View Form Images

  1. Mouse over the Manage Forms tab.
  2. Choose Form Images from the list.
    Any uploaded images are listed.
  3. Click an image name. 
  4.  The next page shows the image, and any forms that reference it.

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Create a Form Image

  1. Mouse over Manage Forms in the main menu, and select Form Images.
  2. Select the Create Form Image  button.    
  3. Name the form image, and choose the Image File.
  4. Click Create.
Note:  To use the Form Image, reference the image in one or more form questions. Read more on using Form Images with the Sketch Pad control and with the help options.


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Edit or Delete a Form Image

Note: Deleting a Form Image is permanent.  If you can't delete a form image, it's being used in a form.  Remove the reference from the form, and then delete the form image. 


  1. Mouse over Manage Forms in the main menu and select Form Images.
  2. Select the image to edit by clicking on the Form Image's name.
  3. On the resulting screen, mouse over the dropdown beside the image name and select Edit or Delete.
  4. If editing, change the Name, Description, or the Image File and click Update.  
Note: If you want to update a Form Image, simply edit an existing Form Image and upload a new image file. Any questions that reference the original Form Image by name automatically update when users reconcile their mobile devices.


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