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About Form Images

Form Images are images uploaded in the web portal.  These images can then be referenced in forms with a sketch pad control. They can be referenced in any form in the same FormSpace.  

Viewing Form Images

  1. Mouse over the Manage Forms tab.
  2. Choose Form Images from the dropdown list.
  3. Any uploaded images will be listed.
  4. Click an image name. 
  5.  The next page will show the image, and any forms that use it.

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Create Form Image

  1. Mouse over Manage Forms in the main menu, and select Form Images.
  2. Select the mceclip1.png  button.    
  3. Name the form image, and choose the Image File.
  4. Click Create.


In order to use the Form Image, the image needs to be referenced in a question on the form.  Read more on using Form Images with the Sketch Pad control.



Edit or Delete Form Image

Note: Deleting a Form Image is permanent.  If you are unable to delete a form image, it is being used in a form.  Remove the reference from the form, then delete the form image. 

  1. Mouse over Manage Forms in the main menu and select Form Images.
  2. Select the image to edit by clicking on the Form Image's name.
  3. On the resulting screen, mouse over the dropdown beside the image name and select Edit or Delete.
  4. If editing, Change the Name, Description, or the Image File and click Update.


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