The Form Outputs Tab




In the Form Outputs tab, you can:

  • Link data destinations to the form.  Data destinations control where submitted forms are sent.
  • Link documents to these data destinations.  Each data destination will send the documents linked to it.
  • Link additional documents to the form.  These documents won't be sent anywhere, but can be downloaded manually from the Data tab of the portal.

You can edit Form Outputs without going to the Form Builder by selecting the Form Outputs tab, then selecting Edit Form Outputs.

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Data Destinations

Use this table to link data destinations to the form, and choose documents they will send.

Link Data Destinations to the Form

Data destinations control where submitted forms are sent.  If a form does not have any data destinations attached, form submissions can only be downloaded from the Data tab of the web portal.

To link a data destination: 

  1. Navigate to the table under the "Data Destinations" header.
  2. Press Add at the bottom of the table to create a new line.
  3. Select the name of an existing data destination from the dropdown list. 

  4. Repeat for each data destination you want to link.  
    • Connect as many data destinations as you want.  
    • Each data destination can only be used once per form.

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Link Documents to a Data Destination

Data destinations will send the documents linked to them. 

To link a document to a data destination:

  1. In the "Documents" column of the table, click on the "Select some options" box next to the desired data destination.
  2. Select a document from the dropdown list.
  3. Optionally choose to automatically add the document to the "Additional Documents" list below.  
  4. Select the "Select some options" box again to add another document for the destination to send.
  5. Repeat for each data destination.
    • Documents can be linked to multiple data destinations.
    • Some destinations require a document (Box, Dropbox, etc).
    • Some destination types don't need a document, but can have one (Email, etc).
    • Some destinations can't have a document attached (Google Sheets, etc).

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Reorder or Unlink Data Destinations

When a form is submitted, the data destinations linked to the form will execute in the order they are listed in on this screen.  The list can be manually reordered.  Data destination executions operate independently of each other.  If the first destination fails, the other destinations can still execute.  

To reorder the Data Destinations linked to a form, mouse over a data destination.  Three icons will appear on the right.  


Use the up and down arrows to move the data destination through the list.  The data destination can also be unlinked from the form through the red 'X"/Delete icon.

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Additional Documents Available for Download

Any documents selected here will be available for download through the API, the Data tab in the web portal, and the Sent tab in the mobile app.  These documents can still be linked to data destinations (see above).

Simply move documents to the "Selected Documents" list with the arrow icons.


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