Archiving and Deleting Forms



In most cases, it is recommended that forms are archived rather than deleted.  This is because deleted forms (and their associated data) cannot be recovered.  On teams with multiple archived forms, it may be useful to create a separate formspace solely for archived forms, to avoid clutter in formspaces used in production.


  • Removes the form from mobile devices, preventing new data from being submitted by users
  • Retains an "archived" copy of the form in the ProntoForms web administration portal;  this copy can later be changed back into an "active" version for use in production
  • Data records previously submitted will be stored in the portal


  • Removes the form from mobile devices
  • Permanently deletes the form from the web administration portal; the form cannot be recovered for future use
  • Permanently deletes previously submitted data records, as well as any pending data records on mobile devices

Form Versions and Automatic Archiving

Each time changes are made to a form and it is deployed, it is saved as a new form version.  Old form versions are automatically saved in an Archived state and are retained indefinitely.  These archived versions are an invaluable reference when problems are encountered with a form; administrators can look at archived versions to determine what form version the problems originated in and narrow down the cause. Read more about form versioning.

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Archiving a Form

  1. To archive a form, first navigate to the desired form in the web administration portal.
  2. Mouse over the dropdown next to the form name and select Archive Form
  3. A warning message will pop up; click "OK" if there are no Draft versions that should be saved.  The form is now archived.


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Deleting a Form

  1.  To delete a form, navigate to the desired form in the web administration portal.
  2.  Mouse over the dropdown next to the form name and select Permanently Delete.


  3. Select Delete Form and Data Records to permanently delete the form and all associated data. This cannot be undone.

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Making an Archived Form Active

Administrators can take an archived form and make it active again for use in production.  Simply mouse over the dropdown beside the archived form's name, and select Activate Form.

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