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Digit Extraction is used to isolate numeric digits from mixed characters.  It can be used with Simple Text boxes, Date/Time controls, and Decimal and Whole Number data types.  Use it to generate a unique identification number by combining extracted numbers with other answers in a form. 

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Set Up Digit Extraction

  1. Digit Extraction can be found under Add > Text > Simple Text > Digit Extraction when building a form.  It must appear after the questions that it will be extracting from. 


  2. Under the Common tab, enter the Question Text, Question Label, and any desired Question Behavior By default, Digit Extraction is Read Only and Not Required. These settings cannot be changed.

  3. Under the Digit Extraction Properties tab, use the Add Configuration button to add questions that digits will be extracted from.


    • Using the Configuration column, set a maximum number of digits to take from the input value.
      For example, in the Digit Extraction question below, only the first seven digits of the Product Code have been extracted. 



      • If extracting from a date/time question, set a date format string (eg yyMMddHHmmss) to extract that pattern from the source answer.  Valid formats are:
        • yy: 2-digit Year
        • yyyy: 4-digit Year
        • MM: month
        • dd: day
        • HH: 24-Hour hour
        • hh: 12-Hour hour
        • mm: minute
        • ss: second

Read how to create an unique invoice number using Digit Extraction.

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    anton Vazquez

    how I can exctract characteres, non numbers. I need to separate strings from a character delimited field. (sorry my english)