Data Type: Credit Card Transaction



Credit Card Transaction questions allow the user to perform a credit card payment through one of the ProntoForms-approved Payment Apps.  The user must have a pre-existing account with one of the following mobile credit card merchants:

ProntoForms passes transaction information such as amount due to the payment app, and the payment app securely processes the payment.  Important details such as time, date and amount of transaction are then passed back to ProntoForms.  These apps do not store any sensitive information and industry standard encryption methods are used to protect customers' data.  When a payment is processed, a payment receipt is automatically emailed to the payee.  It is impossible to edit the form after the payment is submitted. 

Note: Field users must have the selected payment processor’s mobile app downloaded to their mobile device in order to accept a credit card payment.  

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Add Credit Card Processing to a Form 

A credit card payment can only be applied in ProntoForms through the use of a credit card transaction question, which can be added while building the form.  An activated merchant account is required to process a credit card payments.   

  1. Enter the form builder, and select Add > Credit Card Transaction.  
    Note:  The Credit Card Transaction question must be the last question on the form.


  2. Mouse over the question and select Edit Properties.
  3. Under the Common tab, designate Question Behaviors.
    Note:  By default, Credit Card Transaction cannot be set to Read Only or Hidden on Device
  4. The Payment App option defaults to Payfirma.  Click on the dropdown and select the preferred payment application.


  5. Add an amount source.  This is required.
    Note:  The amount source must be a currency number type.


  6. Under Optional Fields, set the form to auto-populate the payment app so users only have to fill in pertinent information once.  All fields can be simple text data except Phone and Email, which must be Email and Phone data types, respectively.  


  7. When done making changes, hit OK to save the question, and Save as Draft or Save and Deploy to save the form changes.

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It's possible to process a demo transaction using Payfirma.  

  1. Build the form as usual, and deploy it.  
  2. Ensure both the ProntoForms and Payfirma app are installed.  
  3. Fill out the form on the device.  
  4. When the credit card question is reached, tap Pay With Payfirma.  This will open the Payfirma app. 
  5. In the Payfirma app, use the following card information to perform a test transaction.  
    Note: These values are dummy data and will not result in any credit card being charged.
    • Credit Card Number:  4111 1111 1111 1111
    • Expiration Date:  Any future date.
    • Security Code:  123
  6. Submitting the payment will redirect to ProntoForms, and submit the form.


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