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Note: This article contains information relevant to Version 1 forms. These forms are no longer supported and the documentation remains as a courtesy.


The Sketch Pad control allows field users to "sketch" on the screen of their mobile devices and integrate the result into a mobile form.  Several drawing tools (lines, shapes, and freehand draw) and colors are available.  Making use of the touchscreen functionality of smartphones and tablets, the Sketch Pad control is easy to use and quite flexible.  It is possible to customize the Sketch Pad control in several ways, allowing users to:

  • Sketch on a blank canvas
  • Sketch on a background image chosen by an administrator
  • Choose an image stored on their device to sketch on
  • Take a photo with their device's camera to sketch on
  • Add data to Sketch Pad images with Data Stamping
  • Any combination of the above

Common uses include drawing diagrams of a work site, or taking photos of a work site and circling or otherwise marking items/areas requiring attention. Learn how to use sketch pad functionality within a form.

When enabled, multiple sketches can be collected with a single sketch question.

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Set Up the Sketch Pad Control

  1. Navigate to the desired form and select Edit.
  2. Add a new question and select Attachment > Image > Sketch Pad.

  3. Hover over the question and select Edit Properties.
  4. Under the Common tab, set the question behavior.  It can be set to Required or Hidden in Reports.
  5. Under the Image Properties tab:
    • Custom Filename Prefix: Insert a custom filename prefix using DREL. Read more about custom filename prefixes.
    • Auto-rotate images:  If checked, corrects orientation of images.
    • Convert images to black & white: Check to convert color images to grayscale.
    • Stamp data onto images: Check to add date, geo-location, or properties from ProntoForms (Form Name, Submitter Name, etc.) to images. Read more about stamping data onto images.
  6. Under the Camera Properties tab, set:
    • Number of Attachments:  Set the maximum number of attachments (up to 10 per question).  It is advisable to not allow excessive attachments, as this will cause larger data record sizes.  

      Note: When choosing the maximum number of attachments, keep in mind that the default Data Record size limit is 2MB.  Adjust this setting in the Form Properties tab.

    • Custom Button Text: This text will appear in the form on the button to launch the image attachment control. 

    • Control what the user can sketch on:

      • Allow images from the user's camera:  This option allows the user to either sketch on a photo stored on their device, or to use their device's camera and take a new photo to sketch on.  This is useful for taking photos of a work site and marking areas of interest.
      • Allow sketching on a blank canvas: This option allows the user to draw on a blank white screen.  This is useful for drawing diagrams of a site.
      • Form Images/Sketchable Images:  Selecting Form images will allow users to sketch on an administrator-provided image. This can be an actual photograph, or just a grid background to aid users in drawing accurate diagrams.  Up to three sketchable images can be provided per SketchPad question.

    • Picture Quality: Set the quality of the images collected. High Compression is usually acceptable, and will also result in smaller data record sizes.  Read more about building forms for use with attachments.

      : If Enforce Picture Quality is enabled, the selected quality will override any existing device settings.
      • Photo Quality: This retains the image quality of the device's camera.  Creates very large attachments.
      • Screen Quality: Medium compression; creates medium-sized attachments.
      • High Compression: This creates the smallest but lowest quality attachments.  This is usually acceptable. 

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Submission Size

It is recommended that a maximum submission size be set on the Settings tab; the recommended maximum is 2MB for best performance. Note that multiple sketches per sketch question will increase the size of the data record, so this minimum must accommodate larger files if multiple sketches are enabled. 


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