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Both the ProntoForms Camera and Sketch Pad tools can be configured to allow data to be stamped directly onto images in a data record.  Common uses including stamping the date/time an image was taken on the photo, or printing a user-supplied label onto the image.   Data stamping occurs in the background when the form is submitted; it is not visible to the user on the device, nor is the user required to complete any extra steps before sending the form.

Important points to Consider:

  • It is important to test the data stamping feature well before deploying it, to ensure all of your data will fit on the image and it is of a readable size.
  • When considering font colour, consider what subjects users are normally photographing, and choose a colour that contrasts.
  • When considering font size, test that the length of the expression/field you are stamping fits on the image.  Any data stamped will NOT continue onto the next line if it reaches the edge of the image; it will simply be cut off.
  • The size that the stamped text appears on the images in your data record documents depends on the size and resolution of the original images.  On a small, low resolution image, font with the size of "40" may cover half the image.  On a large, high resolution image (as most images from a modern smartphone are), text with a specified size of "40" may be very small.
    • You can reduce risk of such variation by setting the Photo Quality on the Image question (under Camera or Sketch pad Properties) to "High" Compression to shrink all images to a standard size


Configure Data Stamping

  1. Add a Camera or Sketch Pad type question  (Add Question -> Attachment -> Image -> Camera (or Sketch Pad)).
  2. Mouse over the question and select Edit Properties.

  3. Enter the Image Properties tab and check the box for Stamp data onto images.

  4.  Configure text properties as desired (be sure to run a few tests to determine appropriate size and positioning).  

  5. Then select the source of the data to be stamped (see options below).

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Properties From Image

The following properties draw from image metadata captured by the camera :
    • Date
    • Geo-location
    • Custom Tag: Use EXIF tags to reference other image metadata.

For example, choosing Date will stamp the image with the date/time the photo was taken, rather than the form submission date; this is recommended for use in industries with regulations that require accurate date/time printed on images.


Note:  Not all cameras add Image Properties data to photos.  It is recommended to test the form on the type of device that will be used before deploying the form for use in production.

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Properties from ProntoForms

Selecting the following properties will stamp information/metadata from the ProntoForm onto the images:

  • Reference Number
  • GeoStamp
  • Entry Timestamp
  • FormSpace name
  • Form Name
  • Submitter Name  

If selecting multiple properties from the above list, each will be printed on a new line on the image.  For example, the image below has the Data Record Reference Number, GeoStamp, and Entry Timestamp printed on it.  When choosing from the pre-configured list of  Properties from ProntoForms, properties will be stamped onto the image in the order the checkboxes in this section appear in. Read more about Geo Location if using the GeoStamp property. 



Custom Expression: 

The user-supplied answer to a specified question in the form can also be stamped onto the image. Use Data Record Expression Language in the Custom Expression box to reference the desired answer or form metadata.  Remember that this expression can use multiple references, and can be combined with static text.


  •  Entering %a[Location] will stamp the answer to a question labeled "Location"  onto the photo.

  •  Entering "%u[name] on %d" will stamp the image with string like "John Doe on 2014-06-22".
  • Entering "%f[name]  - %r[id]" will stamp the image with a string like "Audit Form - 1810010000"

In the sample below, a field technician is filling out a landscaping estimate on his mobile device.  He uses his camera to take a photo of an area requiring maintenance.  In another question, he types in the location of the area.  When the form is submitted, the estimate sent to the customer and the office shows the image with the text stamped directly on the image.  To achieve this, in the Custom Expression field under "Properties from ProntoForms," you would enter "%a[Site Photo Label]".

In the Mobile App


Note: Ensure that the combination of your font size, placement, and length of expression work together and still allow your string to fit on one line on your images; this data will not spill over to a new line and will simply be cut off if it exceeds the width of the image.  

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    Is it possible to stamp data outside the image?

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    Danielle Morley

    Hello Suny,

    Data can only be stamped on the image.  If you can explain what you are looking for, we may be able to suggest an alternative solution.