String Concatenation



String Concatenation combines answers from Simple Text questions and displays the result.  It is compatible with Simple Text only.


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String Concatenation

String Concatenation is found under Add > Text Simple TextString Concatenation when building a form. The string concatenation question must come after the questions it will string together. 



  1. Under the Common tab, enter the Question TextQuestion Label, and any desired Question Behavior.  By default, String Concatenation is Read Only, and Not Required. These settings cannot be changed.
  2. Under the String Concatenation Properties tab, use the Add Configuration button to add questions that will make up the string.


    • Type: Choose to either use an answer from a previous question in the form (Question) or a string of static text (Text). 
    • Configuration: Choose the question from which to draw an answer, or define the static text value. 
      • Default: Set a value that will be shown if no answers are given
  3. Hit OK to save changes to the question.
  4. To save the form as a draft select Finish as Draft.  To make changes active, click Finish and Deploy
  5. In a form, the above configuration would populate as shown in the screencap below. 



Learn how to use String Concatenation to make an unique invoice number.

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  • Avatar

    Can a ignore answer rule be set with this? To stop a default question answer from being displayed?  

  • Avatar
    Huberto Garza

    Can you please clarify Multi Select question support?

  • Avatar
    Danielle Morley

    Hello Huberto,

    String concatenation cannot use data from multiselect questions.  The documentation has been updated to reflect this.

  • Avatar
    Mohamed Hasni

    Can you force a line feed?