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Note: As of November 2018, you will be unable to create new V1 forms. All new forms must be built in the V2 Form Builder, which is available to all ProntoForms customers (view our FAQ here) For more information on how to enable V2 forms, please read: Enabling Access to V2 Forms.  



Forms are made up of pages and questions.  When adding questions, choose the right Data and Control Types to improve the usability of a form, and to control the data that will be collected. 

  • Data type determines the sort of data a question will be collecting.  For example, if the question expects text, an image, or GPS coordinates from the user. 

  • Control type describes the method in which data is collected.  For example, if the question will provide a dropdown menu with a list of answers for the user to choose from, or if a form will automatically collect data when the form is opened with a stamp.

Learn more about building a custom form.

Note:  To use the latest control types, always ensure your device has the latest version of the ProntoForms from the app store. 

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Data & Control Types 

Not sure which data and control types to use?  Learn more about them using the links in the chart below. 

Data Types Control Types
Geo Location
Credit Card Transaction   


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