Card Swiper Control

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The Card Swiper control allows ProntoForms users to collect card information by swiping a card's magnetic stripe.  This can be done without leaving the ProntoForms app; the card information is integrated directly into your mobile form data.   If used in conjunction with an appropriately configured data destination, the collected card information can be received back at the office within moments of submitting the form.  Note that an approved card reader must be attached in order to use the card swiper control on a mobile device. 

Note: This control is a customizable solution. For information on whether the control can be used with your card type, please contact

Supported Card readers

To inquire about support for other swipe devices, please email




  1. Add a Card Swiper control to your form in the Form Builder by selecting Add-> Card Swiper.
  2. After creating the question, mouse over it and enter Edit Properties.  
  3. In the Data Routing Properties tab, select the Input Data.  This indicates the type of data ProntoForms should expect to collect from the card swiped.
  4. Configure Data Routing options.  The options available depend on the type of Input Data selected.  For each option, select an existing question (one which appears after the card swiper control) to autopopulate with the data. Note that this step is essential in order to save the swiped card's information.

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Using the Control on a Mobile Device 



Tap on the "Scan" button or "Tap to Swipe Card" field to launch the control.  Swipe the card when prompted. 
  Swipe_the_card.png     swiper.jpg  
A message will appear when the card has been successfully read.
 success.png  swiper2.png
The collected data will autopopulate subsequent fields as configured.
 answers.png  swiperlast.png

 If no supported card reader is attached, the mobile user will see an error message when attempting to launch the card swiper control.

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