The audio question allows mobile users to make an audio recording in the ProntoForms app and embed it in a form submission.  Users can pause, re-record, and edit the recording.

The audio attachment control has a variety of uses.  It allows users to collect data quickly and hands-free, such as during a site inspection/walk-through, or where multiple people must provide information in a single question.  For users that require hands-free text collection, ProntoForms also supports Voice to Text.


Add an Audio Question to a Form

  1. Add an Audio question by selecting Add Attachment Audio when building a form.

  2. Mouse over the question and select Edit Properties.
  3. Enter the Audio Recorder Properties tab.

  4. Enforce Audio Quality:  If a form contains multiple attachment types (audio, images, signatures, etc), it is recommended that this box is checked.  Set the quality to either medium or low to keep the submission size low.  Low quality works well in most cases.  Higher quality will create a larger attachment and larger form submissions. 

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Record Audio 

  1. To launch an audio question, tap the microphone icon. 
    iOS Android
    1._Audio_Question.png 2017-03-20-Android6-8-Audio01.png
  2.  Tap the Start Recording button (Android) or the start_recording.png button (iOS) to begin recording.
    iOS Android
    2._Start_Recording.png android2.png
  3. On iOS, pause as needed by tapping the pause button while recording.  Press the Stop button to finish recording.  You will be redirected to the edit recording screen.  

    Note:  After tapping Stop Recording on Android, it is impossible to continue recording.  To record further, the user will have to delete their initial entry to record further information, or use an additional audio control, if present. 

    iOS Android
    3._Pause_Recording.png android3.png


  4.  To trim the audio, tap the icon beside the recording. In Android 6.8 and above, tap Open Recording in the main form.
    iOS Android
    Trim_Recording.png 2017-03-20-Android6-8-Audio02.png
  5. Use the slider to trim the beginning and/or end of the recording. 
    iOS Android


  6. When done:
    • iOS:  Tap Done on the top right.
    • Android:  Tap the Save icon on the top right. 


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