Slider and Stepper

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Allow users to quickly select answers using a stepper/slider control with predetermined ranges and intervals. This is useful when the expected answer exists in a predictable range or on a set interval, such as a cost range, temperature, or time. 

Note: Slider and Stepper are currently supported by iOS v.6.6.3 and Android v.5.1.0 and later. Always ensure your ProntoForms app is updated to the latest version through your app store. 



Slider questions allow the user to select an answer with a sliding scale.  Range and step size must be set when building the form.  Answers collected with sliders can be used in calculations. 

Slider is found under Add > Number > Integer (1) or Decimal (1.111) or Currency ($1.11) when building a form.



Number Properties

Set the minimum and maximum values for the slider.  Users will not be able to enter a number higher or lower than these values.



Slider Properties

Under the Slider Properties tab, set:



  • Initial Value:  Set the default value.
  • Step Size:  Set the interval between number selections.

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Second Slider

A second slider can be added to the question which allows the user to find a numeric range using the slider.  The upper and lower values can both be used in calculations.   When second slider is enabled, a textbox will be created to hold the value of the second slider. 



To use Second Slider:

  1. Add Slider to the form.
  2. Enable Second Slider under the Slider Properties tab.


  3. Under Second Slider Settings, set where the second slider will appear when the form is opened.  


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Stepper allows the user to select an answer on a set scale with + / buttons, or by entering a number manually.  Step size must be set when building the form.  Answers collected with a stepper question can be used in calculations. 

Stepper is found under Add > Number > Integer (1) or Decimal (1.111) or Currency ($1.11) when building a form.



Number Properties

Optionally set the minimum and maximum value for the stepper.  Negative (-1, -1.111, -$1.11) and positive (1, 1.111, $1.11) number values are also both accepted.



Stepper Properties

Under the Stepper Properties tab: 


  • Initial Value:  Set the default value. If none is selected, the initial value is 0.
  • Step Size:  Set by how much the value increases or decreases when a button is pressed (eg. [1, 2, 3] vs [1, 1.5, 2])
  • Flip the order of the + and - buttons:  By default, the - button is on the left, and the + button is on the right.  Enable this option to switch their places.
  • Allow the user to directly edit the value:  By default, the user is able to type in a value rather than tapping the +/- buttons.  The user will be given an error message if they do not enter a valid number, and will not be able to continue the form until they do.  If this option is disabled, the value will be read-only. 

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