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Text questions store answers as plain text; they can accept any type of character.  When building a form, text questions are found under Add Text


Types of Text Questions

  • Simple Text: This is the most commonly used data type; it has the least amount of restrictions in terms of validation.  String Concatenation and Digit Extraction can be performed on Simple Text questions; however, they cannot perform Calculations.
  • Email: Hidden validation ensures entered data matches an email format (e.g.
  • URL: Hidden validation ensures entered data matches a URL format (e.g.
  • Phone Number: Hidden validation ensures entered data matches a phone number format (e.g. 123-1234)

Text Properties 

  • Validation Type:
    • Non-accented Letters Only, no spaces: Abc
    • Non-accented Numbers or Letters Only, no spaces: Abc123
    • Postal Code: A1B 2C3
    • Advanced: This uses Regular Expressions.  

      Note: Advanced validation passes if any part of the answer value matches the expression.  To validate the full answer, use the start and end line expression parameters (^ and $).

Email, URL, or Phone Number Properties  

Emails, URLs, and Phone Numbers can be configured to automatically launch when a user taps on an icon beside them.  For example, tapping on a URL will open the webpage in the device's Internet browser.  This functionality is enabled by default.  To disable it, simply uncheck the option under the Data Type Properties tab.

Read more about Data Type Launcher Functionality. 

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Collecting Text 

The Text Data Type can be collected with many different Control Types

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