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Barcode questions allow the user to scan a barcode with the device's camera.  This feature is supported on most, but not all, devices that have a fairly high resolution camera with auto-focus.  If the camera on a mobile device does not have auto-focus capability, it is  still possible to capture and decode barcodes; however, the user must manually place the camera and/or barcode so that is in focus.  Where possible, specify the desired type of barcode in the Barcode Properties tab; this is advisable for ease of use and speed of barcode recognition.

Barcode Standards supported by ProntoForms are:

  • UPC (A or E):  Universal product code seen on almost all retail products in the USA and Canada.
  • EAN (8 or 13):  European Article Numbering international retail product code.
  • Code 39:  General-purpose code in very wide use world-wide.
  • Code 128:  Very capable code, excellent density, high reliability; in very wide use world-wide.
  • QR Code:  Used for material control and order confirmation.
  • ITF:  Interleaved 2 of 5 - Compact numeric code, widely used in industry, air cargo.

Note: It is possible to set either front- or rear-facing camera as the default for reading barcodes (iOS devices only).  This is especially useful when using barcodes on wall-mounted devices.  

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Add a Barcode

Barcode is found under Add > Barcode when building a form



Barcode Properties

Under the Common tab, Barcode can be set to Required and Hidden in Reports.  It cannot be set to Read Only or Hidden On Device. 

Under the Barcode Scanner Properties tab, select which barcode(s) the question should read. 


Note: The more types of barcode the question can scan, the longer each scan will take. 


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Use Case: Collect data from a data source with a barcode scanner

The code collected via barcode scan will only store as a code.  However, additional questions can be included in the form that will use the code to reference a data source  and auto fill other questions about the product scanned.  This data source should, at minimum, have the Barcode Value (the number that will be scanned), and a Product Name, Number and/or Description

Note:  The initial Dropdown will not be auto-populated, but the number of answers available will be limited to the single product the barcode references.  The user will have to select the single available answer to auto-populate the remainder of the questions. 

Learn about setting up a data source.

  1. Directly after the barcode question, add a Dropdown question, followed by a Textbox / Text Area question. 


  2. Under the Edit Properties tab of the Dropdown, select Data Source and connect the source that references the codes that will be scanned.


  3. Under Display Column, select the column in the Data Source the Dropdown will display to the user.  Leave Data Column blank.


  4. Choose to Apply Filtering.
  5. Under Filter Configuration, set the Filtered Column as the column in the data source that contains the barcode numbers.


  6. Set the Filter Source as Question-Based, and select the barcode question. 


  7. Set up the dropdown to Collect Additional Answers in the textbox(s) that should be auto-filled. 


    • Source Column:  Choose the column of information that should populate the textbox (ex., Product Description)
    • Target Question:  Choose the textbox the source column will populate (ex., Product Description)
  8. Hit OK to save the question. Select Save Changes, then Deploy or Save as Draft to save changes to the form. 


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