Question Behaviour



Questions can be set up so they are required, read-only, or hidden.  


Question Behaviors

Question behaviors are found under the Common tab in any question type when building a form




iOS Android
2016-01-05-iOSTextBox.png 2015-01-05-AndroidTextBox.png

Required questions must be answered before proceeding to the next page of a form or submitting a form.  On iOS devices, Required questions are marked with an asterisk.  On Android devices, text entry fields will also show the text "Required."  If a user attempts to move to the next page or submit the form without answering a Required question, an error message will appear advising the user that there are unanswered Required questions.  



iOS Android
2016-01-05-iOSReadOnly.png 2017-03-10-Android6-8-locked.png

Read-only questions cannot be edited on mobile devices.  These fields usually either contain data filled out by an administrator in the case of a dispatched form, or are auto-populated/pre-filled based on selections made earlier in the form.  On Android devices, Read-Only fields will be grayed out.  On iOS devices, either the text will be grayed out or a lock icon will appear on the right.

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Hidden On Device

Questions set to Hidden On Device cannot be seen by mobile users.  These fields can contain information required for skip logic, or sensitive information that needs to be in reports but should not be accessible by mobile users. 


Hidden In Reports

Questions set to Hidden In Reports are not kept on completed documents, and are not saved.  These fields usually contain questions required for Skip Logic. 

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