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Attachment questions store answers in the form of an audio or image file, which can be inputted in a variety of ways.  Attachment controls are found under Add > Attachment when building a form

  • Note:  It is advisable to not allow excessive attachments, as this will cause larger data record sizes.  When choosing the maximum number of attachments, keep in mind that the default Data Record size limit is 2MB.  Adjust this setting in the Form Properties Tab.



Collecting Attachment Types

There are many types of attachment that can be collected with different Control Types.

  • Images (Camera): Accepts a picture taken with the device's camera. 
  • Sketch Pad: Accepts a drawing from the Sketch Pad.  
  • Signature: Accepts a written signature collected using the device's screen.
  • File: Accepts an existing image stored on the device.
  • Audio: Accepts an audio recording taken with the device's microphone. 



Build Forms for Use with Attachments

To help manage memory on the mobile device, and to manage cellular data usage, it is advised that forms are set to take up as little space as possible.  Under the Settings tab when building a form:

  • Remove all images or attachments from the mobile device after the form is completed and successfully sent.  To do so, enable Delete attached/captured files from device when form is submitted under the Advanced Properties header. 



  • Set a maximum submission under the Advanced Properties header. The recommended maximum size for best performance for forms is 2MB.


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Attachment File Naming

The naming of attachments (like images) is controlled by both the image control's Question Label, and the linked Data Destination's designated Data Record Document Filename Expression.  Attachment file names are displayed as "[Data Record Document Filename Expression]_Question Label_1.jpg".  If the question allows multiple images, additional file names will end with "_2.jpg", "_3.jpg", etc.

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