Geo Control, Stamp, and Form-Level GeoStamp



Administrators can set up ProntoForms to collect Geo Location information at various points in a mobile form and include it in submitted data records alongside other form data.  Learn how Geo Location works.

Geo Location controls are found under Add > Geo Location > Stamp / Geo Control when building a form

Note: It is also possible to collect a geo stamp as an advanced option in a form.


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Geo Control

Geo Control allows users to acquire GPS coordinates on a map.  It attempts to acquire location information when the user hits the Get Location control map in the form.  This collection of the location is visible to the user.  Geo Controls are added to a form through the form builder as a question.



Geo Control Properties 

Geo Control can be set to Required, or Hidden in Reports.  Read Only and Hidden on Device are disabled for Geo Control, as this control requires user interaction to function.  

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Stamp collects a geo location when the page containing the geostamp is accessed.  Geo Stamps can be made visible or hidden in the form, and the collected location is not editable by mobile users.  Geo Stamps are added to a form through the form builder as a question.   



Stamp Properties

Stamp is Read Only by default, but can also be set to Hidden on Device and/or Hidden in Reports.  Required is disabled for Stamp because if location services are unavailable, this data cannot be found, which can interfere with data collection. 

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Form-Level GeoStamp

Form-Level Geo Stamp is an advanced form option. If enabled, it automatically requests a location when a user sends the form.  If the form stays in the the Outbox for any reason, the geo location acquired at time of submit is still maintained.  The location is requested when the user hits the Send/Submit button and the form is successfully saved to the Outbox, not when the form leaves the Outbox and is received by the ProntoForms server.  This Geo Stamp is never visible to users. 

Add a Form-Level GeoStamp

  1. Under the Manage Forms tab, select List Forms. 
  2. Select the form to add a form-level Geo Stamp. 
  3. Click the Edit Form button on.  
  4. Enter the Settings tab and scroll down to Advanced Properties.  
  5. Check the box for Collect GeoStamp.


  6. Hit Finish and Deploy to make changes active.

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Location Fixes

Location fixes are split into two classifications depending on the accuracy: Fine and Coarse.  This accuracy is determined by the system services used for the fix.  GPS would be considered Fine, while Network would be considered Coarse. ProntoForms stores the most recent location fine AND coarse location fix; whenever a new fix is returned, it replaces the previous fix for that accuracy.

The logic to determine whether to grab the fine location fix or the coarse location fix is as follows:

  1. If a fine location fix was acquired within the last 5 minutes, use it.
  2. Otherwise if only one of the fine or coarse location fixes are available and it is still considered valid (obtained within the last 5 minutes), use that.
  3. Finally, if both fine and coarse location fixes are available, grab the most recently obtained that is valid (within 5 minutes).

Consequently, in areas of poor satellite visibility, the Geo Location information displayed in the form may be up to 5 minutes old.  Note that the date/time collected with the Geo Location information will show the time the fix was acquired.

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