Data Type: Information


Information controls are static text labels that can be added to your Forms to display information.  They are used to show static text, such as instructions, terms and conditions, or other messages to your users.  

Information questions are found under Add Information when building a form

Note:  Information fields can hold a maximum of 4000 characters.  For text exceeding this limit, either use multiple information fields, or set up question help.


Forms are frequently configured to hide pages with no answers on reports.  As Information questions cannot be answered, pages containing only information questions can fall under this category.  

In some cases, a page may contain information that needs to be visible in reports.  The form-level option to hide/not hide pages like this can be overridden on a per-page basis through settings in the Information control.  To access this setting, mouse over an information control, select Edit Properties, and enter the Label Properties tab.  Check/uncheck Always display this question (and its page) in reports as desired.  

Note that this option hides/unhides the entire page the control is on.  If one information control has this checked, all questions on the page will be visible.

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