About the Forms Library


About the Forms Library

The ProntoForms Forms Library is a free resource of pre-built, ready-to-use forms and data sources.  Hundreds of common forms are available, categorized by industry and business function for easy searching. Administrators can quickly import templates from the Library, making it easy to get their paperless business solution up and running in minutes. 


Browsing the Forms Library

  1. To browse the Forms Library, first log into the ProntoForms portal at https://live.prontoforms.com.
  2. Mouse over the Manage Forms dropdown in the main menu and select Create New Form
  3. From the Create Form menu, choose "Select a Form from our Forms Library."
  4. Select the "Forms" tab to view forms to import, or "Data Sources" to view Data Sources to import.
  5. Optionally filter results by selecting an Industry or Business Function from the dropdown menus.  
  6. To view details, click on the form/data source name. The resulting page displays the form or data source's activity rating, the languages it is available in, and related industries/business applications.
    • The Question Types a form uses.
    • A form's associated data sources. These will be imported with the form.
    • The content of a data source.
    • It also lists:
  7. Read here for more details on importing forms and data sources from the library.

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