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 Note: As of November 2018, you will be unable to create new V1 forms. All new forms must be built in the V2 Form Builder, which is available to all ProntoForms customers (view our FAQ here) For more information on how to enable V2 forms, please read: Enabling Access to V2 Forms. 


While using ProntoForms to collect data, calculate averages and scores based on the answers a user selects.  A score can be calculated as a total, an average, or a percentage.  Complete compliance evaluations or health and safety audits, and forward the result to an email or SMS data destination if it requires immediate attention by applying filtering

Note: This method of calculating a score uses button group, which is currently supported by Windows 10 v.4.1.0., iOS v.6.6.3 and Android v.5.1.0 and later.  Always ensure your ProntoForms app is updated to the latest version through your app store. 


Set Up a Scoring System

Add button group questions to your form using Add Number Integer (or) Decimal Button Group.  The data type MUST be "number" in order to set up scoring.

Set up the values for each button group question, optionally including an alternate display.  Each question should have the same button values in order for your scoring to be meaningful.  

For example, on a scale from Excellent to Poor, if Excellent is a 5, Poor should be zero.



After building your input questions, identify what score you want to calculate.

  • Total:  Displays the score as a value out of the maximum score.  This is useful where the total number of positive or negative answers is important.  For example, if there are fifty yes or no questions, the score would be a value out of 50. 

  • Average:  Displays the score out of the highest possible score.  This is useful where an approximation of the most common score is necessary.  For example, if the highest button group value is 5, the score will be a value out of 5. 

  • Percentage:  Displays the score as a value out of 100.  This is useful for viewing overall trends where the actual number of correct answers is unnecessary.  For example, if five out of ten points are earned, the score will be 50%. 



Calculate a Score

  1. Insert a calculation question following the button groups by selecting Add > Number > Decimal > Calculation
  2. Hover over the calculation question and select Edit Properties.  Under Calculation Properties, enter the calculation for your chosen scoring system:

    • To calculate total, add all button values together.

    • To calculate average, add all button values together inside a pair of curved brackets (), and divide by the total number of questions.

    • To calculate percentage, add all button values together inside a pair of curved brackets (), divide by the highest possible value, and multiply by 100.
  3. To save changes to the question, hit OK.  To save changes and deploy the form, select Save and Deploy.



Advanced: Result-Based Alerts

Ensure problems are addressed quickly by setting up an email or SMS data destination, and use custom filtering rules to forward results only when submitted answers fall short of a minimum score. 

Read more about setting up data destinations and applying custom filter rules.


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